1 Out of 5 – Would Recommend: Jason X

Main TitleWelcome back to 1 out of 5 – Would Recommend, where it’s October! We’ll be celebrating Halloween all month with a collection of the most bizarre and poorly conceived horror flicks we could find, so turn out the lights and shut off your brains. First up in the queue is 2001’s “sure, why not” classic, Jason X!

What’s The Plot?

In the near future year of…2010, the U.S. government cryogenically freezes Jason Voorhees to put a long term end to his never-ending killing spree. This s works pretty well, until a spacefaring team of students in 2455 AD discover Jason and revive him. From there…look, it’s cyborg Jason Voorhees murdering teenagers on a space ship. Do you honestly care how the story gets there? Do

Who Made This Beautiful Garbage?

"Half Man, Half Machete" is nowhere near Jason's dumbest resurrection.

“Half Man, Half Machete” is nowhere near Jason’s dumbest resurrection.

New Line Cinema, who had acquired the rights to Jason with an eye towards making Freddy vs. Jason. They clearly had no damned idea what to do with the character until that actually came together, so they took a page out of the Leprechaun playbook and sent him to space.

Five Reasons to See It

  1. The role of “Older Male Superior Who Forces His Bad Idea Onto The Protagonist” in the modern day opening is played by David Cronenberg. Bold choice reminding your audience of better horror flicks, Jason X.
  2. It’s the last hurrah of fan-favorite Jason Voorhees actor Kane Hodder, who had the unfortunate honor of shepherding the franchise through some of its lowest lows.

    Pictured: A man so above this movie he sees its curvature.

  3. Once Jason becomes a cyborg, the space-teens buy some time by distracting him with a holodeck version of Camp Crystal Lake. This is, without a doubt, my favorite moment in the entire franchise.
  4. Jason kills a person by dipping their head in liquid nitrogen and smashing it like a bloody popsicle. The Mythbusters have ruled this implausible, but who cares? The Voorhees Clan’s dedication to their art never ceases to inspire.
  5. “Guys, it’s okay! He just wanted his machete back!”


This movie is stupid. There is no amount of wrangling, of exposition, of plot set-up that could make Jason in Space anything other than ridiculous. And it doesn’t need to be – it’s Jason in space! How frikkin’ cool is that? It succeeds at being funny, it’s a fairly clever entry in a franchise that was literally the same plot repeated eight times beforehand, and it’s a massive improvement over the previous novel installment in the series (which had Jason take the form of a body snatching demon worm for most of the flick). The fun factor alone makes this an unskippable entry in the Friday The 13th Franchise.

Jason murdering one holographic camper by beating them with another one, AKA The Literal Best Kill Ever.

Jason murdering one holographic camper by beating them with another one, AKA The Literal Best Kill Ever.

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  1. you forgot to mention the bevy of beauties in this film, including the dreamy Lexa Doig. for what it’s worth, this movie (IMO) is a great addition to the F13 series.

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