1949 Chris Craft Cruiser Tear Down

1949 Chris Craft CruiserIf you’ve been around the shop at all, since we moved to our own building on Inkster Road, you’ve probably noticed that giant boat we have docked in our parking lot.  Over the last several years, we’ve tried to find someone interested in restoring it to former glory, but there was just too much hull rot going on to ever get it seaworthy.

And so, the day finally came to retire the store’s mascot boat, our own S.S. Minnow, and send it to that marina in the sky where the hull never leaks and the barnacles sing bawdy sailor tunes.

Here’s what a 1949 Chris Craft Cruiser looks like getting torn down in a parking lot in 2013:

But, wait!  There is more to this story.

At 1:37 in the above video, Scott notices movement in the pile of rubble and finds a 4 week old kitten that we’re calling “Lucky!”  We took him to a vet to check him out, and he checks out a-ok.  Lucky is very affectionate and playful, and we’re currently in search of a permanent home for him.  One day, we’ll show him that video, so he knows just how amazingly fortunate he is!

Lucky the Stowaway

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