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Some of the highest grade comics I've purchased through a Proxibid auction. Great experience with this auctioneer who is also responsive to e-mail questions. This is how online auctions should be run!

Michael R.    Oklahoma, USA   

I love Back to the Past so much, because of the excellent staff interaction (aka customer service). They have always been friendly, knowledgeable, funny, and fully committed to completing customer requests.

Craig S.    Garden City, MI   

You guys are my absolute favorites to buy from on Proxibid as you have some great auctions, you really know how to pack collectibles safely, and I am consistently impressed with all that you do.

Matt L.    Lansing, MI   

Thank you very much for your careful packaging. There was no way the book was going to get damaged during transit!

Heather M.    New York, NY   

Thank you for combining shipping from two auctions. That is a breath of fresh air from an auction company. We appreciate it!

R. Hinton    Jefferson City, MO   

The selection of merchandise is vast and keeps growing. This is far more than just your average comic book store. They have a selection of non-comic book, but pop culture-related merchandise that matches, if not exceeds their comic merchandise!

John R.    Farmington, MI   

The Back to the Past crew never hesitates to discuss topics relating to art, comics, sci-fi, television and all the very essences of fandom with any and all customers that happen to be fortunate enough to straddle through their doors. A great place to escape from boredom and drudgery.

D. Avedisian    Southfield, MI   

What a great store. As the name implies, they've got just about everything retro here, not just comics. Paperbacks, used DVDs, action figures, posters, lunchboxes, vintage magazines... more pop culture ephemera than you can shake a stick at. Dudes are super-friendly, too.

Kevin J.    Detroit, MI   

Over the last 20 years, I've visited tons of comics/pop culture shops in at least 16 states (including over a half dozen in my current area) and Toronto, Canada. I can honestly say that Back to the Past is the best overall location I've seen yet. (They've ruined me for other stores.)

M. Pascale    Modesto, CA   

I just want to say thanks' again for helping me find some issues from DC's 1987 miniseries Phantom Stranger and DEMON. I was all over town looking for these titles and your store became my hero of the day!

E. Benn   

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