April Auction Schedule!

We have several fantastic auction events on your way in April!  Read on below for summaries and auction links.

April 16 @6PM Eastern – Eclectic Comic Book, Paper & Ephemera ONLINE ONLY auction

A great selection of Silver and Bronze Age Comics, Movie Magazines and Hollywood Star Photos, Pin-Up Magazines and Items, Tijuana Bibles, WW II and Other Military Magazine Covers and Items, Signed Celebrity Photos, Non-Sports Cards (1960’s and 70’s), Vintage Photography Selection Including Pre-1900 and Early 1900’s Tin-Types, Cabinet Photos, CDV’s and Album Photos, Vintage T.V. Guides, Celebrity Photos, Police/Crime Magazines, Advertising Bottle Openers, Big Little Books, Original Movie Stills Sold In Groups, Paper and Ephemera on Many Topics Including Circus, Worlds Fair, Star Wars, Disney and many more!

Remember, this one is online only!  You can browse, prebid and join us live for this event via Proxibid.com/backtothepast!

April 20 @12PM Noon Eastern – Gold and Silver Coins Auction

Join us live in the showroom or online via proxibid for our next coin auction!  Features appx 20 Gold Coins, including 1853 $2.50 U.S. Gold, 1909 $2.50 U.S. Gold 1881 $10 U.S. Gold Coin, 1878-S U.S. $20 Gold Coin, 1923-D U.S. $20 Gold Coin, Excellent Selection of Foreign Gold Including Mexican, French, Finland, Austria, Belgium and Other Foreign Gold Coins! Selection of Slabbed Morgan Silver Dollars to RARE 1922 Weak “D” Cent/ Slabbed, Rare 1981 Uganda 5000 Shillings Silver Proof Coin, Brown Box Ike Proof Dollars, BU Franklin Half Dollar, Great Selection of Type Coins Including Large Cents, Indian/Lincoln Cents, 2 & 3 Cent Pieces, ½ Dimes, Pre-1900 Dimes, Quarters, Halves + Post 1900 Selections as Well. Auction Also Includes Approx. 100+ Morgans including Carson City, and many more!

Browse the catalog, prebid and join us in the showroom or live on line via Proxibid.com/backtothepast!

April 20 @6PM Eastern – Stan Lee Tribute Marvel Comics and Collectibles Auction

Amazing Fantasy #15Both online and in the showroom: An amazing collection of Marvel comics & collectibles featuring the contributions of Stan “The Man” Lee! The summer comic book convention season is upon us and we’ve put together a fantastic auction of Marvel Comics for you to have signed by Stan Lee and other Marvel legends as they appear at conventions around the country!

We’re proud to be offering a fresh to market Amazing Fantasy #15 discovered in Dearborn, Michigan. The book has been graded 1.5 by CGC, making it a great affordable copy for almost any collector!

Other key books in this auction feature Fantastic Four #4 (1st Silver Sub-Mariner), Hulk #181 (1st Wolverine), Captain America #100 (1st Issue), Hulk #102 (1st Issue), Fantastic Four 48, 49 & 50 (Key Run), Iron Man #1, X-Men #58 (1st Havok), Thor #165 (1st Warlock), Silver Surfer #4 (Obscure Thor Giant Issue), Spiderman 50 & 51 (1st Kingpins), Thor #126 (1st Issue), X-Men #14 (1st Sentinels), Spiderman #101 (1st Morbius), Sub-Mariner #1, Spiderman #40 (Goblin Origin), Fantastic Four #46 (1st Inhumans), plus many other key and semi-key issues. In addition, there are many early Silver Age Issues of Captain America, Hulk, Amazing Spiderman, Fantastic Four, X-Men, Avengers and more. We also offer an excellent selection of modern comic sets, trade paperbacks, cool dealer promo posters, Marvel ephemera, a Neal Adams original Wolverine sketch, Bronze Spider-Man coin, FOOM magazines and lots more for every budget!

Browse the catalog, prebid and join us in the showroom or live on line via Proxibid.com/backtothepast!

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