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John Kalogerakos is a freelance writer living in Detroit. He bought his first comic off a spinner rack when he was 11 years old and hasn't stopped reading them since. Check out his webcomic, Kara and Eric's Five Year Plan.

About Once a Week: Sandman #2

Sandman #2, what can I say. This is very much a continuation of the story form issue one, and it works hard to answer some of the questions that the reader had from that issue, but in a lot of ways it is just a lot of set up, and is pretty boring. Now the stuff  with Cain and Able is cool, and Gaiman does a nice job … [Read more...]

One Issue At a Time: Sandman #1

I need to confess, I love serialized fiction in whatever form I can get it, (hell, I am watching General Hospital as I write this,) and in this age of collected editions, I wonder sometimes if the experiance of reading a series episodically, with pauses between each issue doesn't change the reading process. For a … [Read more...]

J. Rants: 3D Movies

I am going to get this right out in the open, I hate 3D movies. I think that they are a gimmick that at best, dresses up a weak movie, (as is the case for Avatar,) and at worst, unnecessarily raises the ticket price on a bad movie so that the studio might be able to recoup some loses, (as is the case with Air Bender.) … [Read more...]

Where Did It Go Wrong: The Unidentifiable X-Men

I love to pick up cheap trades at Cons, and at the recent C2E2 show I grabbed the second "X-Men vs. Apocalype" trade. This trade reprints the the "Twelve" story from the late 90's early 2000's, (I am too lazy to go look for the exact dates,) and while it isn't a good store, it did make me miss the X-Men. Now I know, … [Read more...]

J. Rants: Magic Trixie

I read all the time about the comic death of the comic book. This argument takes many different forms. Some say that with the dawn of the digital age, that it is only a matter of if, and not when comics go away. Others argue that if the price on books continues to go up, comic book readers will buy less and therefore … [Read more...]

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