Avoid Stale Comics Syndrome With the “Fresh Comics” App!

We don’t normally do product endorsements, but in this case we found one so darned useful that we wanted to pass it along.

There’s two things every comic book fan needs to know on a regular basis: What’s coming out this week, and are there any sales or other events going on at the local comic shops?

A great solution to this weekly dilemma is the Fresh Comics app from Audacious Software.  The app runs on every major platform (I use the iPhone version) and it’s most basic function is to show you the full list of every comic book coming out.

Tap on new issues, and you’ll get a list of all publishers in order of ship week.  Scroll down the list to see tentative lists for future weeks. Fresh Comics Publishers List Tap a publisher and then a title to get information about that book, check out the cover and writer/artist team.

All basic stuff, but it gets way more useful if you use the “favorites” feature and mark particular titles, publishers or even writers and artists as favorites. Now, when you tap the favorites button at the bottom of the screen you’ll get a customized list of everything that you like by, say, Geoff Johns.  Very useful!

The app gets better if you’re in the mood to travel around and see what might be out there at stores other than your regular shop.  Fresh Comics will use your current location and display nearby stores and flag any that are having noteworthy events.

Fresh Comics Local Comic Shops List

Hey look, Warp 9 and Back to the Past both have events coming up!

It’s simple but effective! Fresh Comics does exactly what it sets out to do.  It’s like a combination of Yelp and your comics checklist! Our bet is that if you check it out, you’ll find yourself using it every week.

Visit Fresh Comics’ website at freshcomics.us for links to find all the different versions of the mobile app.

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