Avengers Versus X-Men – Rally And Vote For Your Team!

Comics fans everywhere are already engaging in heated debate as to who will rule the roost when the Avengers and the X-Men square off in April’s Avengers vs. X-Men event from Marvel Comics!  Of course, Back to the Past will be right in the fray with a Tuesday night release party on the #1 issue – but we’re doing more than that, we’re bringing the debate to YOU!

Join us on Thursday, February 9th starting at 6PM for the Avengers vs. X-Men Rally, leading up to a debate between representatives of the Avengers and the X-Men at 7PM, immediately followed by a vote which will determine our store’s allegiance for the release party in April.

Avengers vs. X-Men Rally and Debate

THE RALLY (Thursday, February 9th)

From 6PM to 7PM we encourage all fans of either team to show up and display your support for your favored side!  Decorate yourself and your signs as we will be giving out prizes for the best fan support!  Let’s show the unsuspecting traffic on Inkster Road what a horde of enraged comics fans looks like!


At precisely 7PM we will open the floor to representatives of both the X-Men and the Avengers teams to debate their reasons why you should vote for them.  Will they be keep the debate civil or will it devolve into fisticuffs?  Will they answer the moderators penetrating questions?  Will they take questions from the audience?  Which team will claim the Beast as their own?  Will they be able to win you over to their side?


Immediately following the debate, the polls will open and all attendees will have the chance to vote for their team.  Each attendee will receive a nifty magnet declaring “I Voted X-Men!” or “I Voted Avengers!” (depending on your choice, obviously), as well as an entry into a giveaway to be done on the Tuesday in April when Avengers versus X-Men #1 officially ships.

In addition, one lucky voter on the winning side will be drawn to receive $100.00 in back issues!

Your votes will determine which allegiance Back to the Past declares for the big release party in April, and therefore what special offerings will be given out at that upcoming event.

So come on out and support your favored team on February 9th & watch this space for further updates as they occur!

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    Let’s go Avenger fans! Plan on being at Back To The Past on Thursday evening, February the 9th and vote for the best Marvel team … The Avengers!

  2. I hope to be there….Avengers Assemble!

  3. AH HA! I knew Greg and Dave were Avengers fans! Avengers Assemble at Back To The Past! I hope some chick comes in dressed as Moondragon! Oh wait, that’s the Defenders, or Guardians of the Galaxy. Oh who cares. I just want some chick dressed as Moondragon.

  4. X-Men won the B2TP straw poll on FB, though. So we Avengers fans got some avenging to do . . .

  5. Update!

    Featured on the front page of Sunday’s Redford Observer and repeated online here: Hometown Life Avengers vs. X-Men Rally

  6. Avengers Disassemble!!!

    Only fools would follow a drunk like Tony Stark.

  7. As you may, or may not know, William, it’s Captain America who is leading the Avengers these days! And you just can’t go wrong with a living, breathing icon!

    But in your defense, it will be Tony Stark, aka, Iron Man, who will be representing the Avengers in the Avengers vs. X-Men debate Thursday night at 7:00 p.m. at the Back To The Past store, on Inkster in Redford, MI.

    Come join the fun, I’ll even let you root for that other team, if you must! But come and vote for your favorite team, which will affect the store’s allegiance and the cover of the first comic in the series that the store sells!

    Bring your kids, your friends, your neigbors, the more the merrier! But I’ll definitely be there rooting and voting for the Avengers!

  8. Fun for all…come vote on the Avengers vs. X-Men, today, February 9th, and then come back on April 4th for the first issue!

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