Black Friday Sales Extended!

Not a Hoax! Not a Dream! Not an Imaginary Story! Because you demanded it, Back to the Past’s fantastic Black Friday deals have been extended through Sunday! The deals, detailed below, will officially run from 10 AM Friday (which, obviously, has already passed) until we at close at 5 PM on Sunday. Our BFDs* are:


1. All Dollar Island comics are $0.50, unless you fill a long box – then you get the whole magilla for $75!


2. All trade paperbacks and hardcovers are 40% off of marked price!
smbf33. All vinyl records and music section items are 50% off!


4. All showroom items under $20* are 50% off

*Excludes Collection Supplies, New Comics, and Premium Rack Back Issues.

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Chris Walker (@back2past) is affectionately referred to as Back to the Past's social media lackey. He's all over finding nuggets of pop culture news, wherever they may be hiding!

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