Strange Times & Places: Gotham City Garage #1

Welcome back to Strange Times & Places, where we promise you’re not reading a repeat! Two things happened this week that lead to doing another ST&P: First, Kamen Rider Build ended on a game changing cliffhanger last week and I felt it better to see how it resolves before writing about the show. Second, it turns … [Read more...]

Fabulous Find: Lennon The New York Years

For this week's Fabulous Find, I thought I'd do something just a little different.  Rather than an old collectible from my collection, I thought I'd share a recent purchase that I have added.  It is; Lennon The New York Years, a graphic novel published by IDW Publishing, the first printing dated May 2017. The book … [Read more...]

Strange Times & Places: Batman #131

Welcome back to Strange Times & Places, where today we’re reading in-universe fanfic from 1960’s Batman #131! How’s It Different? This is a classic Imaginary Story, with a twist – it is being written in-universe by Bruce Wayne’s butler Alfred. Luckily, this tale predates the “Alfred as Father Figure” take on … [Read more...]

RETRO REVIEW: Adventure Comics # 352 & 353

It's time to look at a DC Comic for this week's RETRO REVIEW.  And as many of you know, I'm a big Legion of Super-Heroes fan, though I know a lot of folks really do not care for the Legion.  So I'll try to make this interesting for those that like the Legion and rather painless for those that do not.  I have pulled out … [Read more...]

Tokusatsu Gesundheit: Tomica Hero Rescue Force: The Movie

Welcome to Tokusatsu Gesundheit, where we’re getting away from the standard Toei and Toho offerings to check out something from Takara-Tomy with Tomica Hero: Rescue Force Explosive Movie: Rescue the Mach Train! Plot Rundown The brand new, globe-spanning Mach Train is about to have its maiden trip out of Tokyo! … [Read more...]

Fabulous Find: Capt. Biljo Presents # 1

It's Friday and time once again for a new Fabulous Find, and this week, I've delved into the fanzine annex of the great comics vault, buried deep beneath my new house.  And let me tell you, it's really tough to find a great house on a lake, with a secret vault already in place! But have no fear, I finally found the … [Read more...]

Strange Times & Places: Transformers Vs. G. I. Joe

Welcome back to Strange Times & Places, where today we’re keeping up the Hasbro Universe theme from last week by reading Transformers Vs. G. I. Joe #1-13 by John Barber and Tom Scioli. Buckle up, it’s a thrill ride and spoilers will abound. How’s It Different? It’s a Royale With Cheese, blending various … [Read more...]

RETRO REVIEW: Fantastic Four # 112

Hey, ho, friends, fans and family.  This week it's time for another RETRO REVIEW.  I've had to search through lots of boxes to find something good to write about, as a lot of my stuff is still unpacked from the move last month.  Eventually, the night before actually, I came up with Fantastic Four # 112, cover dated … [Read more...]

September Auctions Feature Star Wars Toys & Key Comic Books!

Wednesday, September 13th - Silver to Modern Age Comics and Paper Memorabilia @6PM Eastern This session is both in the showroom and online - join us in person or live via Proxibid. Our Florida Estate series continues with 200 lots of comics (like Justice Machine #1, Batman: The Cult, 1st series TMNT, & signed … [Read more...]

1 out of 5 – Would Recommend: Sgt. Savage & His Screaming Eagles

Welcome back to 1 out of 5 – Would Recommend, where lately I’ve been really into IDW’s Hasbro Heroes Universe. I’ve been fascinated by the way it uses the metaphorical whole buffalo, and as a result we’re watching 1994’s Sgt. Savage & His Screaming Eagles today! What’s The Plot? Back in 1944, Sargent Robert … [Read more...]

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