Fire Prevention 1927!

"Here's the cause of fully 50% of the fires," say the Fire Chiefs in this 1927 brochure. What's the cause? Rubbish, trash, paper, rags & etc. found around the home! Lucky for us, the brochure goes on to extoll the virtues of the solution to this problem: Burn that trash inside your home! Barney J. Houston, Fire … [Read more...]

The Horde Approaches!

Dungeons and Dragons RPG miniatures from a recent online auction. … [Read more...]

Haunted House By Ideal (1962)

This nifty little treasure came through the shop last week, so I took the chance to get some closeups! "Haunted House" was a board game produced by Ideal in 1962, and gave four players a tour of a ghostly mansion full of traps and spooky surprises.  By modern standards, the fright factor is laughable, but the … [Read more...]

Then & Now: Action Comics #1

Action Comics #1, for those who may not know, is the first appearance of Superman.  Created by Joe Shuster & Jerry Siegel, this comic debuted with a 200,000 copy print run in 1938 with a cover price of ten cents.  It's likely the most recognizable classic comics cover, and has been reproduced and imitated countless … [Read more...]

Barnes Avenue Then and Now

It's not often that a batch of photos cross my desk that have specific addresses written on them, so when one does, I always enjoy checking out how similar the area looks now, versus whatever period is in the photo.  This week we found a nice example! Google Street View isn't always pinpoint accurate, as far as the … [Read more...]

Christmas of Horrors

The angelic face makes us think we're headed for your typical Victorian best Christmas wishes.  That dazed opiate-laden stare gives us reassurance that there couldn't be any surprises here. But what's that she's holding? Dear GOD, it's Santa's Satanic disembodied head! This has got to be one of those moments … [Read more...]

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