Comic Book, Paper, Ephemera & Postcard Auction is July 26th!


Eclectic Pop Culture Auction 

Thursday, July 26th at 6:00 pm 

Excellent online-only 300 lot auction featuring comic books, paper, ephemera, postcards and more!

Says auctioneer Andy Cirinesi, “Leading Up To Our HUGE Multi-Session Fall Collectible Spectacular (This September/Details To Follow), we Offer This 300 Lot Auction of Comic Books (Golden Age, Silver Age and Some Modern), Large Selection of Autographed Photos, Many Lots of Vintage Postcards (All Types), Photographs (Tin Type, Cabinet and More), Militery Ephemera, Maps, Railroad Stuff, Pin-Up Items and Nudie Cards, Comic Book Collectibles, Stereoview Cards, 1972 Black Light Hippie Posters, Vintage Stationary and Letterheads, Campaign Pins and More…”

This catalog is only a guide – announcements and alterations made on the date of the auction will take precedence over printed material. Check the link above for a downloadable PDF version of the catalog for you to print out!

ALL LOTS PURCHASED TODAY must be paid in full.  All Sales Final.  Sold “as-is” “where-is”.

Here’s a brief lot listing – browse the FULL catalog with photos at!
1) Batman #33 Feb. 1946
2) Group of Six Tin Type Photographs.
3) Group of Five 1970’s Men’s Cartoon Magazines.
4) 1960’s Vietnam Service Medal.
5) X-Men #143. Classic Kitty Pryde Cover.
6) Lot of Eleven 1940’s Era Arizona Postcards.
7) Marvel Masterworks/Amazing Spiderman Volume One.
8 ) Group of Three Obscure Gold Key Digests/Bronze Age
9) Group of 12 Cabinet Photos.
10) 1930’s Era San Diego Road Map.
11) Superman #75 Sealed Black Bag Death Issue.
12) Amazing Spiderman #70 Classic Silver Age.
13) Excellent Early 1940’s Era Gulf Michigan Map.
14) 1950’s Era Military Aircraft Spotters Guide Supplement.
15) May 3, 1945 Announcing Surrender of Italy.
16) Group of 4 WW II Postcards.
17) Little Lulu Lot of Three Gold/Silver Issues.
18) WW II Service Medal
19) Malcolm In The Middle Cast Signed Autographed Photo.
20) Amazing Spiderman #86. Classic Silver Age.
21) Submariner #39 Late Silver Age.
22) Large Lot of 1940’s Era Portrait Studio Photographs.
23) Patricia Heaton Signed Photograph.
24) Star Wars Luke Skywalker 12″ Action Figure.
25) Amazing Adventures Pulp Jan. 1948 Issue.
26) A+Plus 1970’s Early Indy Comic New Old Stock Group.
27) Batman ‘Batboat’ Model Kit.
28) Hugo Weaving Autographed Matrix Photo.
29) Amazing Spiderman Annual #4. Classic Silver Age.
30) WW II Chemical Warfare Booklet/Chart.
31) Group of 4 WW II Postcards.
32) Web of Spiderman #1. Sharp Copy.
33) Walking Dead Premium Cigarette Lighter Mint In Box.
34) Group of Three Lenticular Adult Motion Cards.
35) Amazing Spiderman #108. Classic Bronze Age.
36) Lady Death 1996 Limited Edition Print.
37) Excellent Rocketeer Metal Sign.
38) The Crow Tin Sign.
39) Paul Schaffer/Late Night With Letterman Signed Photo.
40) WW II Era Hagstrom’s Map of Pacific & Far East.
41) Lot of Twelve Cabinet Photos.
42) Incredible Hulk #112. Classic Silver Age.
43) The Spirit 2000 San Diego Comiccon Print/Signed.
44) Beautiful SHI Print By Alex Ross/Signed By Ross.
45) Group of Four Vintage Abraham Lincoln Postcards.
46) 1940-1960’s Baseball Scrapbook.
47) Group of 1930’s Christian Science Monitors.
48) RARE 1971 Charlie Brown Brush & Comb Set.
49) Jaoquin Phoenix/Gladiator Signed Photograph.
50) Amazing Spiderman #110. Classic Bronze Age.
51) Sub-Mariner #63. Sharp Bronze Age.
52) 1971 Snoopy Bubble Bath Soap Container.
53) 1952 Detroit Tigers Baseball Scrapbook.
54) 1951 Detroit Tigers/Lions Scrapbook.
55) 1960’s Huckle-Chuck Game/DISPLAY BOX ONLY.
56) Cool Archie Meets Kiss Promotional Poster.
57) Group of Five Star Wars Danglers Toys.
58) John Cusack Signed Photograph.
59) Amazing Spiderman Annual #21. Wedding of Peter & MJ.
60) Group of 4 Early 1900’s Revolutionary War Postcards.
61) Complete Set of Four Top Cow Witchblade Action Figures.
62) X-Men Issues 1-25 Complete/All Five #1 Covers.
63) Thunder Agents #2. Classic 1966 Tower Comics.
64) Showcase Comics #47/Early Tommy Tomorrow!
65) Amazing Spiderman #112. Classic Bronze Age.
66) Weird War Comics #1/CLASSIC DC War Book.
67) Tip Top Comics #180/1953 Golden Age Book.
68) Star Trek The Enterprise Logs Vol. II Obscure Gold Key Reprint
69) Salvage One Poster Book.
70) Sub-Mariner #62. Sharp Bronze Age.
71) Raiders of the Lost Ark Marvel Super Special Magazine.
72) James Bond Moonraker Lot of Two Magazines.
73) Creepy Magazine 1972 Annual. Great Zombie Cover!
74) Vampirella 1972 Warren Annual/Classic Cover.
75) Group of Four WW II Real Photo Postcards.
76) Buck Rogers 1979 Poster Book.
77) Starlog Magazine #2/Classic Space 1999 Cover!
78) Starlog Magazine #4/Classic Star Trek Cover!
79) Conan #14. Early Elric Appearance.
80) Amazing Spiderman #114.
81) Poppy Montgomery/Unforgettable Signed Photograph.
82) Starlog Magazine #4/Classic Six Million Dollar Man Cover!
83) New Mutants #87/First App. Cable/Sharp Copy.
84) New Mutants #’s 98 & 99. First Deadpools!
85) Madonna Personality Comics/1991 Signed By Palmiotti.
86) New Mutants Set Issues 1-100 (-98 & 99).
87) Terminator Salvation T-600 Limited Edition Bust.
88) Terminator Salvation T-Rip Limited Edition Bust.
89) Iron Man #14. Classic Early Issue!
90) BEAUTIFUL Early 1900’s Tucks Revolutionary War Postcard.
91) Tommy Lee Jones Signed Photograph.
92) Marvel 2099 Cards Foil Chase Card Set.
93) Marvel Universe III 1992 Chase Card Group.
94) Group of 40 1990’s Marvel Comics Insert Cards.
95) Amazing Spiderman #123. Classic Bronze Age.
96) Set of Six 1991 Impel Marvel Trading Card Treats Cards.
97) 1992 Ghost Rider Glow in The Dark Card Set.
98) Group of Eight 1994 Spiderman ‘Suspended Animation’ Cards.
99) Gary Sinise Signed Photograph.
100) Superman #48. Classic Golden Age!
101) Star Wars Widevision Cards Complete 120 Card Set.
102) Uncanny X-men #95/2nd Issue of the New Team.
103) Uncanny X-Men #135/Classic Phoenix Cover.
104) The Atom #22/Classic DC Silver Age.
105) Group of Four Early 1900’s U.S. Flag Postcards.
106) Superman Golden Age Comic Section.
107) Captain Midnight Golden Age Comic Section.
108) Keanu Reeves Signed Photograph.
109) Tales of Suspense #86. Classic Iron Man & Captain America.
110) Amazing Spiderman #127. Classic Bronze Age.
111) Beautiful Dazzler Signed & Numbered Print.
112) Lot of DC Comics Promotional Pin backs.
113) Cool Metropolitan Police British Police Whistle.
114) The Spirit 1977 Small Press Book.
115) Ganglands Doom/Obscure 1974 Shadow Publication.
116) The Crow Trade Paperback Signed By James O’Barr.
117) Ken Berry F-Troop Signed Photograph.
118) Shadow Comics Vol 5 #9 Dec. 1945 Issue.
119) Amazing Spiderman #48. Classic Golden Age.
120) Group of Four World War One Postcards.
121) K.D. Lang Signed Photograph
122) Classics Illustrated Lot of 7 Issues/All Science Fiction/Monster.
123) Classics Illustrated Lot of 10 Issues.
124) Scream Queens Series II Non-Sport Card Set.
125) Amazing Spiderman #136. Classic Bronze Age.
126) Scream Queens Series III Signed Set.
127) Lot of 16 1966 Marvel Comics Non-Sport Cards.
128) Scream Queens Series One Non-Sport Set.
129) Superman #40. Coverless Golden Age Issue.
130) Amazing Spiderman #37. Early Silver Age.
131) Courtney love Signed Photograph.
132) Incredible Hulk Special #4/Obscure Bronze Age.
133) Haunt of Horror #1. GREAT Bronze Marvel Monster Magazine!
134) Andy Griffith Show Series One Trading Cards Set.
135) Great Lot of 4 WW One Cartoon Postcards.
136) Boris Art Card Sets Series One & Two.
137) Hustler Magazine Boxed Series II Factory Set.
138) Fantasy Cards Complete 1992 Bikini Card Set.
139) Amazing Spiderman The McFarlane Era 1992 Card Set.
140) Amazing Spiderman #137. Classic Bronze Age.
141) Tales of Suspense #85. Classic Iron Man & Captain America.
142) Ricky Martin Signed Photograph.
143) 1972 Military Manual FM 23-65/Browning Machine Gun.
144) Dick Van Dyke Cut Signature.
145) Vito Scotti Cut Signature.
146) Ford Motor Company Approved Patent Application.
147) Excellent Group of WW II Era Newspapers.
148) The Mentor 1917 Portfolio/American Navy.
149) Tales of Suspense #74. Classic Iron Man & Captain America.
150) Nice Lot of Two Early 1900’s Miss Liberty Postcards.
151) Gillian Anderson Signed Photograph.
152) The Mentor 1916 Portfolio/War of 1812.
153) Large Lot of Automobile Photographs.
154) Large Lot of Vintage Unique Content Photographs.
155) Amazing Spiderman #138. Classic Bronze Age.
156) The Mentor 1917 Portfolio/Earthquakes & Volcanoes.
157) Group of 20 1st Hand Account Photos Pan Mass. Ship Fire.
158) 1908 Balt & Ohio Railroad Letterhead/Envelope.
159) 1960’s Photo Striptease Set of Six.
160) Tales of Suspense #62. Origin of Mandarin.
161) Carrie Ann Moss/Matrix Signed Photograph.
162) 1950’s Photo Striptease Set of 6
163) 1950’s Photo Striptease Set of 6
164) 1944 Betty Hutton/Incendiary Bomb Original 8 X 10 Still.
165) Lot of Four WW One Postcards.
166) Group of Two WW II Era 8 X 10 Military Photos.
167) Demorest’s Family 1890’s Group of Two Issues.
168) Large Group of Vintage Postcards.
169) Jason Scott Lee Signed Photograph.
170) Amazing Spiderman Lot of Three Bronze Age.
171) Superman #49 1947 Classic Golden Age Issue!
172) Large Group of Vintage Postcards.
173) Large Group of Vintage Postcards.
174) Large Group of Vintage Postcards.
175) Spiderman Vs. Wolverine #1 Bronze Age 1-Shot.
176) American Indians Large Group of Postcards.
177) Group of 10 WW I and WW II Postcards.
178) Group of 30+ Vintage RPPC’s of Italy.
179) Tales of Suspense #54. Early Iron Man Appearance.
180) BEAUTIFUL Tucks Embossed Signing of Declaration Postcard.
181) Ice-T Signed Photograph.
182) Lot of Five Vintage Yale University Dinosaur Postcards.
183) Lot of Two 1940’s Era Alcatraz Prison Postcards.
184) Excellent Lot of Early German Actors RPPC’s.
185) Amazing Spiderman Lot of Three Bronze Age.
186) Group of Four Early Baseball/Football Content Postcards.
187) Lot of Two Excellent Union Pacific RR Souvenir Postcards.
188) Lot of Two RPPC’s of Black Babies.
189) Vin Diesel Signed Photograph.
190) Amazing Spiderman #38. Early Silver Age Issue.
191) Group of 50+ Vintage European Real Photo Postcards.
192) Group of Six Vintage Railroad Content Postcards.
193) Group of Three ‘Gold Ink’ Vintage Santa Claus Postcards.
194) Group of 30+ Vintage Humor/Cartoon Postcards.
195) Beautiful Early 1900’s George Washington Postcard.
196) Large Group of Vintage Postcards.
197) Large Group of Vintage Postcards.
198) Excellent Group of 70+ Florida Postcards.
199) Iron Man #55. Key Issue. 1st Appearance of Thanos.
200) Amazing Spiderman #150/Sharp Copy!
201) Jeff Bridges Signed Photograph.
202) Group of Vintage Pin-Up Items/Real Photos, Etc.
203) Excellent Group of 1950’s-70’s Black Americana.
204) Marvel Team-Up Annual #1 Spiderman/X-Men. Bronze Classic!
205) Group of 20 Early Women Cabinet Photographs.
206) Group of 20 Vintage Cabinet & Other Photographs.
207) Group of 14 CDV Photos.
208) Group of Two Early Female Pilot Photographs.
209) Sub-Mariner #60. Sharp Copy!
210) Gold Embossed Spanish-American War Postcard.
211) Charlton Heston Signed Photograph.
212) Group of 10 1972 Blacklight ‘Hippie’ Posters.
213) Large Group of 30+ Sterioview Cards.
214) Group of 15 Sterioview Postcards With WW I Content
215) Amazing Spiderman #152/Sharp Copy!
216) Group of Two President McKinley Sterioview Cards.
217) Excellent Northern Survey Co. Albany NY.
218) Excellent Ca. 1920’s Coal Mine Disaster Press Photo.
219) Mila Kunis Signed Photograph.
220) Group of  Two Golden Age Walt Disney Comics.
221) Excellent Lot of 5 Ca. 1930’s Era Petrified Forrest Photos.
222) Gallery Magazine 7/1979 Kennedy Assassination Issue.
223) Excellent Group of Two 1871 NY Tribune Letterheads.
224) Rare 1800’s Walter Wood Harvester Co. Advertising Flyer.
225) BEAUTIFUL Tucks Liberty Embossed Postcard.
226) GREAT 1938 American Flyer Catalog.
227) 1918 U.S. Senate Pass.
228) Group of Two Early Black Americana Advertising Cards.
229) Bugs Bunny Lot of Three Gold/Silver Issues.
230) Amazing Spiderman #170. Classic Bronze Age.
231) Mike Myers Signed Photograph.
232) 1933 Chicago Times Worlds Fair Sunday Magazine Cover.
233) Group of Three 1956 Original Newspaper Comic Strips.
234) Davy Crockett Kresge Pin Back and Souvenir Spoon.
235) Large Lot of 1920’s-1950’s Auto Photos/Negatives.
236) America in Flames 1951 Promotional Comic Book.
237) Group of Three 1800’s Agriculture Letterheads.
238) True Experience Magazine 9/1936 Earl Warren Cover
239) Looney Tunes Lot of Two Golden Age Issues.
240) Gold Embossed Spanish-American War Postcard.
241) Rob Schneider Signed Photograph.
242) Excellent Ca. 1945 Sears Mail Order Catalog Supplement.
243) WW II Era Large Military Portrait.
244) Large Binder Loaded With Letterheads, Envelopes, Etc.
245) Amazing Spiderman #162/X-Men Cross-Over.
246) Large Groups of Letters/Documents From 1860’s/70’s Lawyer.
247) Group of 1960’s Hubert Humphrey Political Campaign Pins.
248) Group of Five WW I Sterioview Cards.
249) Here Today Cool 1940 Traffic Accident Booklet.
250) Walt Disney Lot of two Golden Age Issues.
251) David Spade Signed Photograph.
252) Large Group of 1800’s Letterheads and Invoices.
253) 1956 American Flyer Train Catalog.
254) Lot of Two 1970’s John Deere Calendars.
255) 1909 Capture of San Jaun Hill Postcard
256) 1960’s Western Ammo Oversize Promotional Booklet.
257) 1902 William McKinley Memorial Address By John Hay.
258) Binder Loaded With 1800’s-1940’s Letterheads.
259) Submariner Lot of Five Bronze Age Issues.
260) Conan O’Brien Signed Photograph.
261) Fantastic Four Bronze Age New Old Stock Lot.
262) Captain America Bronze Age New Old Stock Lot.
263) Binder Loaded With 1800’s-1940’s Letterheads.
264) Binder Loaded With 1800’s-1940’s Letterheads.
265) 1800’s CDV Photo Album.
266) Penthouse Series I Adult Collectors Card Set.
267) Thee Dollhouses Series I Adult Collectors Card Set.
268) déjà vu Showgirls Series I Adult Collectors Card Set.
269) DC Comics Lot of Three Misc. Silver Romance Comics.
270) Great Group of 6 Early 1900’s Presidential Postcards.
271) Tim Robbins Signed Photograph.
272) Centerfold Collection Series I Adult Collectors Card Set.
273) Center Stage Series I Adult Collectors Card Set.
274) Superstars of Porn Series I Collectors Card Set.
275) Amazing Spiderman Bronze Age Lot of Five.
276) Hot Rods Silver Age Comic Books Lot of Two.
277) Hot Rods Silver Age Comic Books Lot of Two.
278) Hot Rods Silver Age Comic Books Lot of Two.
279) Group of Four WW One Era Postcards.
280) Lot of Two Golden Age Romance Comics.
281) Moby Signed Photograph.
282) Hot Rods Silver Age Comic Books Lot of Two.
283) Magnus Robot Fighter Lot of Two Silver Age Issues.
284) Magnus Robot Fighter Lot of Two Silver Age Issues.
285) Lot of Two Early 1900’s Presidential Memoriam Postcards.
286) Magnus Robot Fighter Lot of Two Silver Age Issues.
287) Magnus Robot Fighter Lot of Two Silver Age Issues.
288) Dead-Eye Western #10 June 1950.
289) Western Fighters #10 Sept. 1949.
290) Real Western Hero Comics #73 Dec. 1948.
291) Outlaws Western Comics #3 June 1948.
292) Group of Four WW One Era Postcards.
293) Four Color Comics #316/Rex Allen Western. 1951 Issue.
294) Four Color Comics #1066/77 Sunset Strip. 1960.
295) Zorro Comics #6 June 1967.
296) Iron Man Lot of Six Silver/Bronze Issues.
297) Incredible Hulk Bronze Lot of Five Issues.
298) Large Lot of Marvel Bronze Age Marvels.
299) Group of Four Silver Age Marvels.
300) Group of Four WW II Postcards.

Terms: Good check, cash, credit cards.  15% premium for online bidders.

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