DC’s New 52 Poll Results!

We have the poll results all tallied up from last week’s survey, “What New DC 52 titles do you plan to pick up?” Approximately 150 subscribers responded and we thank you for your input!

Right off, 14% or 22 voters said they’d be getting ALL of the new #1 issues, while 6.3% or 10 voters said they would get none.

The books right at the top of the list are no surprise: Batman, Action, Detective and Superman.  What is surprising is where things ended up in the “second tier” range.  Red Hood and the Outlaws posted extremely well, surpassing headliners like Wonder Woman and Green Arrow!

Justice League The Dark and Suicide Squad bring up the top marks in The Dark and The Edge, respectively.  Teen Titans does shockingly well, right up under Batman & Superman positions.

Rounding up the basement of the list, mostly The Edge titles with OMAC, Men of War and Voodoo right at the bottom, and many The Dark titles in the neighborhood.

Here’s the full data on the survey, enjoy!

Batman #1 50.7%
Action Comics #1 46%
Detective Comics #1 44.4%
Superman #1 44.4%
Green Lantern #1 42.8%
Batman and Robin #1 39.6%
Nightwing #1 36.5%
Teen Titans #1 36.5%
Justice League International #1 34.9%
Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 34.9%
Batgirl #1 33.3%
Batman Dark Knight #1 31.7%
Flash #1 31.7%
Batwoman #1 30.1%
Green Arrow #1 30.1%
Green Lantern Corps #1 30.1%
Green Lantern New Guardians #1 28.5%
Justice League Dark #1 26.9%
Red Lanterns #1 25.3%
Wonder Woman #1 25.3%
Aquaman #1 23.8%
Suicide Squad #1 20.6%
Superboy #1 20.6%
Fury of Firestorm #1 19%
Savage Hawkman #1 19%
Supergirl #1 19%
DC Universe Presents #1 17.4%
Legion Lost #1 17.4%
Legion of Super-Heroes #1 17.4%
Swamp Thing #1 17.4%
Animal Man #1 15.8%
Catwoman #1 15.8%
Deathstroke #1 15.8%
Stormwatch #1 15.8%
Batwing #1 14.2%
Birds of Prey #1 14.2%
Blue Beetle #1 14.2%
Grifter #1 14.2%
Mister Terrific #1 14.2%
Frankenstein Agent of SHADE #1 12.6%
Resurrection Man #1 12.6%
Demon Knights #1 11.1%
Static Shock #1 9.5%
Captain Atom #1 7.9%
All Star Western #1 6.3%
Blackhawks #1 6.3%
Hawk and Dove #1 6.3%
I, Vampire #1 6.3%
OMAC #1 6.3%
Men of War #1 4.7%
Voodoo #1 4.7%

Here’s a slightly different way of looking at the results, by family:

BATMAN Batgirl #1 33.3%
BATMAN Batman #1 50.7%
BATMAN Batman and Robin #1 39.6%
BATMAN Batman Dark Knight #1 31.7%
BATMAN Batwing #1 14.2%
BATMAN Batwoman #1 30.1%
BATMAN Birds of Prey #1 14.2%
BATMAN Catwoman #1 15.8%
BATMAN Detective Comics #1 44.4%
BATMAN Nightwing #1 36.5%
BATMAN Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 34.9%
GREEN LANTERN Green Lantern #1 42.8%
GREEN LANTERN Green Lantern Corps #1 30.1%
GREEN LANTERN Green Lantern New Guardians #1 28.5%
GREEN LANTERN Red Lanterns #1 25.3%
JUSTICE LEAGUE Aquaman #1 23.8%
JUSTICE LEAGUE Captain Atom #1 7.9%
JUSTICE LEAGUE DC Universe Presents #1 17.4%
JUSTICE LEAGUE Flash #1 31.7%
JUSTICE LEAGUE Fury of Firestorm #1 19%
JUSTICE LEAGUE Green Arrow #1 30.1%
JUSTICE LEAGUE Justice League International #1 34.9%
JUSTICE LEAGUE Mister Terrific #1 14.2%
JUSTICE LEAGUE Savage Hawkman #1 19%
JUSTICE LEAGUE Wonder Woman #1 25.3%
SUPERMAN Action Comics #1 46%
SUPERMAN Superboy #1 20.6%
SUPERMAN Supergirl #1 19%
SUPERMAN Superman #1 44.4%
THE DARK Animal Man #1 15.8%
THE DARK Demon Knights #1 11.1%
THE DARK Frankenstein Agent of SHADE #1 12.6%
THE DARK I, Vampire #1 6.3%
THE DARK Justice League Dark #1 26.9%
THE DARK Resurrection Man #1 12.6%
THE DARK Swamp Thing #1 17.4%
THE EDGE All Star Western #1 6.3%
THE EDGE Blackhawks #1 6.3%
THE EDGE Deathstroke #1 15.8%
THE EDGE Grifter #1 14.2%
THE EDGE Men of War #1 4.7%
THE EDGE Stormwatch #1 15.8%
THE EDGE Suicide Squad #1 20.6%
THE EDGE Voodoo #1 4.7%
YOUNG JUSTICE Blue Beetle #1 14.2%
YOUNG JUSTICE Hawk and Dove #1 6.3%
YOUNG JUSTICE Legion Lost #1 17.4%
YOUNG JUSTICE Legion of Super-Heroes #1 17.4%
YOUNG JUSTICE Static Shock #1 9.5%
YOUNG JUSTICE Teen Titans #1 36.5%
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  1. Also, seems a little odd to me that the best book on the list only has a 50% take rate! But, that might be a tribute to the diversity in DC’s lineup.

  2. Doh, forgot the comments! Here’s a few of the best comments we got, in no particular order:

    “Looking forward to the relaunch. I like the wildstorm character integration. I’m going to miss the JSA though!”

    “Absolutely nothing interests me. And from what I have read, I’m not real thrilled with the direction they are going. I don;t want to re-read retellings of all the origin stories.”

    “I do plan on picking up all #1’s..but I don’t anticipate continuing to get all titles, most likely I will continue with the Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Justice League, Hawk and Dove, Green Lantern and a few of the Batman Titles. I’m curious to see though how well all of these first issues mesh with each other and if they really illustrate a streamlined, cohesive universe.”

    “I want to “Just Say No”, but that’s trademarked, so I’ll try a few of the core books and maybe one or two others.”

    “I’m most excited about some of the odder titles like Frankenstein, Demon Knights, All-Star Western, OMAC, etc…”

    “How many times will DC “restart”? Getting really tired of the starts and restarts, getting to the point where I want to stop collecting. I know things need to stay fresh to keep an audience, but how many times in the past 10-15 years has DC restarted everything, just to pull back in ideas from the previous “life”? How is that fresh?”

    “Good way for people to get into DC comics since Marvel is the mainstream right now!”

    “I see about one-third of these titles never reaching a #4 (Frankenstein Agent of SHADE?!?!, fer Crissake), about another third making it to MAYBE 7-9 issues (Fury of Firestorm, etc.) and the rest will depend on the quality of each individual book. My gut feeling is that by St. Patrick’s day, there’s going to be a lot of new names on the top of the DC editorial board.”


  3. Sean Pigeon says:

    Glad to see a few of Lobdell titles getting some support.

  4. Doug Zawisza says:

    All I can say, is having read the first issue of “Swamp Thing,” you 82.6% slackers might want to seriously reconsider. . .

  5. I haven’t read it Doug, unlike you, I do not have access to preview copies of comics, but even with that said, I doubt seriously that The Swamp Thing, would ever interest me again, unless it’s got some kind of awesome artwork! It would take the second coming of Frank Frazetta or maybe Barry Windsor Smith to get me to pick it up. It’s just another vegetable to be ignored on my comic book plate!

    • Doug Zawisza says:

      That is your decision, Mr. Turner, and a welcome one at that.

      After all, not everyone has the same concept of “awesome.”

      As for the “preview copies,” sir, it is all relative.

  6. Nightwing is in the top 10!

  7. Doug, just wanted you to know that I respect your comic book choices and that in no way or shape am I’m putting down your love of the new Swamp Thing!

    We must agree to disagree on this particular book!

    Hey, I’m a sucker for the Legion and I know others of our fine group just don’t get them, or at least don’t want to have to learn their looooooonnnnnggggggg history.

    It’s what makes collecting comics great, there’s a book for everyone!

  8. In this new DCU, anything is possible, so I’m gonna give Legion a go again . . .

  9. JJ, which seems funny, since the Legion book is one that isn’t suppose to be starting over at ground zero! But they’ve certainly been there and done that a couple of times in the not to distant past!

    Oh well, I applaud your willingness to give the Legion another try! You’re a better man than I, based on my comments to Doug regarding Swamp Thing!

  10. I’ve been hearing great things about Animal Man.


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