DC New 52 Universe – The Mystery Woman Appears (Week 2)

If you’ve been reading DC Comics for the last few weeks, you might have noticed a strange shadowy figure lurking around the sidelines of the action.  Who is this “mystery woman” and what’s she doing in the new DC universe?

Here’s part 2 of 4 columns (Week 1 can be found right here) dedicated to tracking this person and deciphering what her intentions might be!  Note that there may be some spoilers from either the panels shown or our commentary about the art, so if you don’t want anything spoiled, read your comics before reading the rest of the column!

Mystery Woman appears in Batman & Robin #1 from DC Comics

To kick off the week’s comics, here’s our Mystery Woman showing up in Batman & Robin #1.  Possibly she is here to direct attention to how stupid it is to install a swimming pool right above a nuclear reactor.

Mystery Woman in Batwoman #1 from DC Comics

Almost missed this panel in Batwoman #1, where the Mystery Woman is almost completely obscured by the crowd.

Mystery Woman's appearance in Deathstroke #1 from DC Comics

In Communist Russia, Mystery Woman appears in YOU.  Or something.  Anyway, here she is in Deathstroke #1 this week, as yet another smirking fat guy with a cigar is about to meet his match.

Mystery Woman appears in Demon Knights #1 from DC Comics

The Mystery Woman makes the splash page in Demon Knights #1!  Now, I haven’t fully read this book all the way through, yet, but this would seem to indicate that she can easily traverse time and/or dimensions, while avoiding being burned at the stake as a witch.

Mystery Woman appears in Frankenstein Agent of Shade #1 from DC Comics

The Mystery Woman hangs out in the middle of the carnage in Frankenstein Agent of SHADE #1.  Our bet is that her insurance deductible must be sky-high.

Mystery Woman's appearance in Green Lantern #1 from DC Comics

As Hal Jordan bemoans his miserable pathetic existence without the power ring, the Mystery Woman looks on in Green Lantern #1.

Mystery Woman shows up in Grifter #1 from DC Comics

Now, here’s an interesting change of pace.  It’s the first time we’ve seen the Mystery Woman up in the air, ergo she can fly, as well as observe this wackjob, in Grifter #1.

Mystery Woman's appearance in Legion Lost #1 from DC Comics

The Mystery Woman looks on as Sammy Hagar’s car is trashed by an alien entity from the future in Legion Lost #1.

Mystery Woman appears in Mr. Terrific #1 from DC Comics

The Mystery Woman appears here, in the pages of Mr. Terrific #1, looking a little melted for some reason.  She may be contemplating just how fast this title is going to be cancelled.

Mystery Woman shows up in Red Lantern #1 from DC Comics

Using the lull in the action to ponder just how gross the Red Lantern’s signature projectile vomiting can be, the Mystery Woman lurks in the city streets in Red Lanterns #1.

Mystery Woman appears in Resurrection Man #1 from DC Comics

On the one hand, maybe DC editorial wasn’t exactly clear on the details about how to draw the Mystery Woman.  On the other hand, this looks like a claw-handed Nosferatu, and I had to go through Resurrection Man three times to ensure myself I had the right panel.  Possibly related to the also-gruesome look from Mr. Terrific, above?

Mystery Woman appears in Suicide Squad #1 from DC Comics


In a flip-flop from the previous panel, the scene here is much more gruesome than the Mystery Woman!  Try not to think about what that sack-faced guy is doing here in Suicide Squad #1.

Mystery Woman appears in Superboy #1 from DC Comics

Lastly for the week, the Mystery Woman appears in Superboy #1, and what’s this?  For the first time, since Flashpoint, a character in the story seems to know she’s there, as you can tell from Superboy’s narration, across the top of the panel.

That’s the whole round of appearances from the NEW DCU Week Two!  We’ll bring you the next collection of appearances once we digest the events of Week Three, coming soon.

We’d like to know who you think this is, and what she’s doing lurking around the DC Universe – let us know in the comments.

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  1. Based upon her “watching” inclination, she almost seems to be DC’s version of Marvel’s The Watcher!

    Or could she maybe a new version of The Phantom Stranger? So far, she hasn’t had much interaction with the action or with the characters, with the exception of the Flash in the last issue of Flashpoint, but maybe that’s going to change!

  2. Is she red? Pink? Purple? I want to know if I should call her Red Glowing Lady or not.

    So far, she reminds me of that Rainbow Head guy who would pop up at every televised sporting event back in the early 80s.

  3. It’s Donna Troy, wondering where her place in the reboot is.

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