DC’s New 52 Universe Ad – Action Comics #1

DC's New 52 Universe Ad - Action Comics #1

We’re really looking forward to a Superman in jeans & a t-shirt in Action Comics #1 from the super genius mind of Grant Morrison.


A lot.

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  1. Doug Zawisza says:

    If by “We,” you mean Sean, then I’d have to say you’re probably right.

    Or not.

  2. No, it’s gonna suck. I’m really gonna miss Superman aimlessly wandering around the country, and Lex Luthor doing his best impersonation of Marty McFly when someone calls him chicken.

  3. Well, the ragged condition of the jeans suggest why Superman wears knee-pads in his regular title…

  4. Those are Kal-El-vin Kleins ha ha ha ha ha

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