Don’t Miss Our Halloween Party and Trade Paperback Sale!

Halloween Party Pumpkin Flyer

Back to the Past Collectibles is hosting our annual Halloween Party on Thursday, October 24th this year, and may we tell you why this is a party you don’t want to overlook?  Why then, we shall!

Trade Paperback and Hardcover Collection Goes Out For Sale

First of all, we’ll have a really nice fresh trade paperback and hardcover collection going out for sale.  This is a single owner collection from a guy who picked up just about everything coming out, so it’s a deep selection of Marvel, DC and other publishers.  Many rare and out of print volumes included, and the whole collection is several thousand books altogether.

Spend up to $100.00 and take 25% off the total. Anything over $100.00 is 50% off!

Halloween Fest Comic Books Will Be Given Away

It’s like Free Comic Book Day with candy!  We’ve got a limited selection of free comics to hand out.  Kids get priority treatment, but we should have plenty for everyone if you would like to try something new to read.

Enter the Costume Contest For a Chance At $100.00 To Spend In the Store!

Come to the party in a costume and you can enter the costume contest for a chance to win either a $100 or $50 gift certificate for the grand prize and runner up award.  You must be present to win, and we’ll have a tally of customer votes make the decision. Winners will be announced between 7 and 8PM.

Food, Music and Movies – Check check check

We’ll be serving pizza and refreshments and showing monster movie visuals up on the big screen, with a hand picked music playlist from our own master of horror, Mike Mullins, on the hi-fi.

So come and hang with your pals at the comics shop from 5PM to 7PM-ish, it’ll be SCARY GOOD!

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C. Scott Lovejoy (@back2past) Scott may appear grouchy, but he's actually pretty cuddly and makes sure Back to the Past marches ever forward in the quest to bring you the best pop culture finds! Currently lurking somewhere around Crusader in the Stanton system.

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