Marvel Comics finger puppets

Welcome back to another Fabulous Find.  This week I’ve brought out a slightly weird item from my collection.  A Marvel Comics finger puppet!  I only own the Thor finger puppet, but I’ve got my eye out for the other three in the set.  I don’t remember exactly when I bought my Thor, but it was definitely at a comic book convention, likely to have been a Motor City Con or a Chicago Con back in the nineties.  But the puppets date back to 1978.  Here’s my Thor, or actually a pic I found online, but mine is just like this one:

The other finger puppets in the set are; Captain America, the Hulk and Spider-Man.  Here’s what they look like:



I don’t remember ever seeing them in stores back in 1978, but I’m sure, if I had, I would have definitely picked up the whole set.  It’s my understanding that they were sold in a counter display.  Here’s a picture of that display:


Then on line I found a two pack with Spider-Man and the Hulk packaged together and by the price tag on the photo, they were clearly sold at Toys-R-Us, but this was before I had kids, so I was unlikely to be in a Toys-R-Us back in 1978.  I think Spidey and Hulk were packaged and sold together because they both had syndicated cartoons right about then.  Here’s what that looked like:

Anyone out there remember seeing these in stores in ’78 or ’79?  And if so did you pick them up?  I’d like to hear your story, if you did.  Or maybe your mom or dad bought them and brought them home to you, “just for fun”, or surprised you with them for a birthday or Christmas present.

Anyway, that;s it for this week, another short, but hopefully, sweet edition of Greg Turner’s Fabulous Find!

Stay fabulous!

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