Fabulous Find: 1971 New York Comic Art Program

Time for a new Fabulous Find and this week I’ve dug into my convention program booklets and pulled out the 1971 New York Comic Art Program.  The convention was held over the weekend of July 2nd through the 5th. There were two Guests of Honor, the first, artist Jim Steranko and second, writer Gardner Fox.  Publisher James Warren served as the Keynote Speaker.

The front cover was provided by Guest of Honor, Jim Steranko.  If it looks similar to the cover of my recent Fabulous Find; covering Comixscene # 5, well you are correct.  It’s the same artwork!  Take a gander:

1971 New York Comic Art Convention Program by Jim Steranko

Jim likely was not paid for the use of this artwork, so I guess we can cut him some slack for using in in his own publication, as well.  Inside the first two pages are a nice ad for the World’s Greatest Super-Hero line from DC/National Comics, which features the Justice League of America and their Justice Society of America Earth 2 counterparts.

Next we find a two page biography of Steranko written by Phil Seuling, followed by a two page biography of Gardner Fox written by Roy Thomas.  Following these are a two page write up on Keynote Speaker James Warren.  No credit is given to the writer of this piece unfortunately.

Next is a long, ten page, interview with artists Bill Everett and Joe Kubert conducted by artists Gil Kane and Neal Adams.  The next number of pages are filled with lists of convention members and ads for various fanzines and publications.  A couple of examples are an ad for the Jack Kirby drawn Kirby Unleashed Portfolio (I covered this portfolio in an earlier Fabulous Find).   Also an ad for the eighth issue of Wally Wood’s Witzend (and yes, I also covered this fine publication in an earlier Fabulous Find).

But the best part of the program booklet is the fourteen page art section, features artists; Gil Kane, Mike Kaluta, Jeff Jones, Rich Buckler, Howard Chaykin, Frank Brunner, Gray Morrow, Al Williamson and Frank Frazetta, to just name a few.

And to make this post better, here are a couple of examples of the artwork supplied by Gil Kane:

Gil Kane Artwork in 1971 Comic Art program

and here is the piece by Frank Frazetta:

Frank Frazetta Artwork in 1971 Comic Art program

Not a bad little program booklet for 1971.  A nice representative of artists and two deserving Guests of Honor.  Hope you enjoyed my look at this convention booklet.  I’ll be back next week with a new RETRO REVIEW.

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