1973 DC / 7-Eleven Slurpee Cups

Welcome back to another Fabulous Find!  This week I’ve gone deep into my basement and uncovered some of the 7-Eleven Slurpee cups, featuring D C Comics’ characters from 1973!  The cups I own from this set happen to feature the six, or eight, Legion of Super-Hero members, if you include Superboy and Supergirl (I do, by the way).  But needless to say, they weren’t the only characters available to collect when you  went into your local 7-Eleven.  Oh, no!  There were plenty others, as well.  In fact, here’s the checklist showing each of the available cups that you could get:

DC Slurpee cup check list

DC Slurpee cup check list

By my count, there were sixty (yes, that’s right, 60) cups to choose from.  Well, you couldn’t actually choose from all sixty, as most stores only had certain of the cups and not all of them.  Or at least not in my local 7-Eleven!  I just can’t image any kid going in and requesting the Ma or Pa Kent cups.  And who exactly is Ms. Shazam, on the top row?  As far as I remember, Mary Marvel was always called Mary Marvel and not Ms. Shazam!  But please correct if I’m wrong!

Actually, I remember not really being able to pick the cup my Slurpee came in, unless you got a really, really, nice person behind the counter.  And in those days, there was none of this help yourself action going on when it came to Slurpees, like now-a-days!  Boy kids sure have it easy today!  Back then we had to sidle up to the counter and test the clerks mood to determine if they would pull a couple of cups from the dispenser to see if there was one you wanted, otherwise you just got the next one, and it didn’t matter whether you already had that one or not!

But back to my cups.  I managed to collect a set of the Legion of Super-Hero cups, which was my favorite D C hero group.  Here are those cups for you to take a look at:

Legion Slurpee cups

Legion of Super-Hero Slurpee cups


The Legion cups featured; Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad, Brainiac 5, Mon-El, Chameleon Boy, Supergirl and Superboy.  And since the above picture is so small, I’ll show you a couple of the cups individually:

saturn girl cup

Saturn Girl Slurpee cup

lightning lad cup

Lightning Lad Slurpee cup



mon-el cup

Mon-el Slurpee cup

Let me tell you, back in 1973, I thought it was pretty darn neat to  to

be able to buy anything with the Legion character on it!  Even if I had to drink a ton of Slurpees!  Hey it was a great hardship, but I did it for my collection!

And my dentist thanks me to this day!!!

I would never have been able to complete even this minor collection, if I would have only frequented one 7-Eleven.  No I had to map out a number of 7-Eleven and regularly make the rounds until I found all the cups I was looking for.

I can’t image how long it would have taken me if I wanted to collect all of the sixty cups.



I think it was worth the hunt, though now, I wish I had collected some of the other cups, as well.

But just two years later, in 1975, I had another chance to collect Slurpee cups!  But this time, it was the Marvel characters that appeared on the cups.  But that’s a story of a future Fabulous Find!

Anyone else have any of the D C Comic Slurpee cups?  Leave me a comment on the ones you own below!

And come back next week for a new RETRO REVIEW and in two weeks for another Fabulous Find!

Be seeing you …

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