February Auction Dates Feature Military Collectibles, Comics, Pinups & More

Our February auction sessions are hot enough to make us forget about all that snow outside!  Sessions feature an online only coin auction, military collectibles, comic books, pinups, celebrity autographs and other hollywood items.  Check out the listing details and links to the catalogs below and we hope to see you there.

February 18th @6 PM Eastern – ONLINE ONLY US and Foreign Coins Auction

This session is ONLINE ONLY – join us via Proxibid.

Join us for this special online session featuring US and Foreign coins! Mostly silver with a few very nice pieces of US Gold. Highlights include several large groups of “V” and Buffalo Nickels as well as Indian Cents, excellent selection of foreign mint and proof sets as well as other foreign sets, Civil War Tokens, Type Coins including Large Cents, 3 Cent Pieces, Early Nickels, Pre-1900 Dimes, Barber (and Other) Quarters, great selection of Half Dollars From 1853-1962, approx. 100 Morgan & Peace Dollars from 1878 to 1935, two U.S. Twenty Dollar Gold Coins, Slabbed First Strike 1 oz Silver Coins and much more.

Browse the catalog, prebid and join us live online via Proxibid.com/backtothepast

February 22nd @12 PM Noon Eastern – Military Collectibles Auction

This session is both in the showroom and online – join us in person or live online via Proxibid.

Back to the Past is very excited to bring you this fantastic 300 lot session of outstanding Military Collectibles, featuring items from the Civil War, WW I, WW II, Korean War and Vietnam War.

EDGED WEAPONS TO INCLUDE… Nazi Red Cross Dagger, Nazi RAD Dagger/Krebs-Solingen, Nazi Dress Bayonet/Eickhorn Marked, RARE Nazi Eickhorn Dagger Catalog, Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife, Nazi Fireman’s Dress Dagger W/Frog, USN MK1 Fighting Knife/USNMK1 Scabbard, WW II Japanese Bayonet.

HELMETS & UNIFORMS TO INCLUDE… WW II AAF AN-H-15 Flight Helmet, EXCELLENT Luftwaffe WW II Double Decal Nazi Luftwaffe Helmet, Nazi Army Helmet with Liner, WW II U.S. AAF Type A-9 Flight Helmet, Korean War Era Gen-Tex H-7151 Flight Helmet, WW II U.S. AAF Type A-II Flight Helmet, WW II AAF Survival Vest, WW II Fixed Bale Helmet, USMC VMR-234/4th Marine G-1 Leather Flight Jacket, USAF K-28 Flight Suit/85th Air Transport, 1960’s USS Constellation Jacket, Plus More!

CIGARETTE LIGHTERS TO INCLUDE… Great Selection Including…USS Diablo (Vietnam Era), USS Lexington, Air Transport Service, USS Sproston, RAF Bentwaters, USN Atlantic Fleet, USAF 10th Tactical Recon, USS Edwards, USS Dixie, USS Eisenhower, USS Hoel, USAF Air Task Force, 73rd Bomb Squadron, Many More!

WW II/NAZI ITEMS OF INTEREST… Nazi NSV Funeral Sash, Excellent Nazi Fringed Podium Banner, Nazi Red Cross Belt Buckle, RARE Heninrich Hoffman Book of Hitler Photos, Nazi Fireman’s Epaulets & Unit Patch, Nazi Luftwaffe Generaloberst Collar Tabs, Several Nazi Armbands, WW I and WW II Wound Badges, Nazi West Wall Medal, Nazi Kreigsmarine Destroyer Badge (Marked), Nazi General Assault Badge, Excellent WW II Nazi Mounted Medal Bar/W 4 Medals Including Luftwaffe, Original German Dog Tag, Metal Cast Hitler Wall Plaque, Several Nazi Belt Buckles (some with Belts), GREAT Group of Bring Backs (Armband, Etc) W/Capture Papers, MG42 Ammo Drum, Nazi Plate ware, Luftwaffe Fork/Spoon, Nazi Silver Wound Badge, LARGE Double Sided Nazi Flag/Banner, Nazi RAD Cigarette Album, Excellent Nazi Photo Album, Nazi Magazines, Photographs and Other Paper Items…Plus MUCH MORE!

VIETNAM ERA ITEMS… Box of Color Slides (1968) Taken in Vietnam, Rare NVA Backpack (Marked Hanoi/1968), NVA/Viet Cong Binoculars, Viet Cong Knife & Cloth Sheath, RARE Vietnam War Coast Guard Squad 1 Souv. Belt Buckle, Original South Vietnamese Flag, Bronze Star/Boxed, Meritorious Service/Boxed, Plus Much More!

WW II/U.S. ITEMS OF INTEREST… WW II Pearl Harbor Navy Yard Patch, AMAZING WW II Trench Art Mess Kit, RARE WW II AAF Navigational Watch Case (AN5838), WW II Air Medal/Coffin Box, Alaska Defense Command Patch(Disney), USMC Londonderry Patch, USMC 51st Defense Battalion Patch, Excellent WW II China Marine’s Ike Jacket & Uniform W/Patches, WW II CBI Silk Blood Chit, WW II US Navy Pith Helmet, Rare Original Military Tech Manuals, Photographs, Plus Lots More!

OTHER ITEMS OF INTEREST… RARE 1897 Indian Army Temperance Medal, Rare 1920’s U.S. Army Indian Service Collar Disc, Pair of GAR Pinback Buttons, Several CDV Photographs of Civil War Officers Including ‘Beast’ Butler (See Catalog), WW I 8th Div. Engineers Service Medal, WW I French Orient Campaign Medal Plus Other WW I Foreign Medals, 1893 Gettysburg 30th Ann. Medal, Early 1900’s 9th Cavalry Collar Insignia.

Browse the catalog, prebid and join us live online via Proxibid.com/backtothepas

February 22nd @6 PM Eastern – Vintage Comic Books, 1950s and 60s Pinups, Celebrity Autographs and Hollywood Collectibles Auction

This session is both in the showroom and online – join us in person or live via Proxibid.

COMIC BOOKS and RELATED to INCLUDE an excellent selection of Golden and Silver age comics, such as: Superman #19, Rangers #8, Early Four Colors and Barks Ducks, Green Hornet #24, Early Humor & Funny Animal, Doll Man #30, Wings Comics, Sensation #106, Early Issues of Dick Tracy, Detective #251, Mad Comics #7, Golden Age Westerns, Batman #25, Lady Luck #87, Detective Comics #94, Flight Comics, Captain Marvel Jr., Blue Bolt, Wanted and Other Crime Comics, Looney Tunes #16, Tales of Suspense #58 (Key Issue), Shock Suspenstories #14, Fantastic Worlds #5, RARE Giant Gift Comics (1942), Horror and Sci-Fi Comics, Plus Many Other Great Gold & Silver comics. Other comic related items to include Big Little Books, Vampire Theater Card Set and more.

VINTAGE PIN-UP COLLECTIBLES TO INCLUDE an excellent collection of 1950’s Nude Pin-Up photos (many in group lots), 1950’s Men’s Digest/Pin-Up Magazines, Several RARE ‘Earl of Hollywood’ Original 8 X 10 B/W Original Magazine Photographs, Esquire & Other Pin-Up Type Magazines, Early Pin-Up Arcade Cards, Earl Risqué Stereoview Cards, Las Vegas Showgirls Promo Photos, Early Risqué Postcards and more.

CHARLES DEVINE AUTOGRAPH COLLECTION CONTINUES…David McCallum (U.N.C.L.E), Paul Henried (Casablanca), Tony Randall, Don Knotts, Audrey Meadows, Roddy McDowell, Jock Mahoney, Lillian Gish, Rare Roland Winters (Charlie Chan), Jackie Cooper, Glenn Ford, Greer Garson, Billie Dove, Olivia DeHavilland, Brooke Shields, Jane Wyman, Markie Post and many other stars from the 1930s to the 1980s!

HOLLYWOOD & MOVIE COLLECTIBLES… Great Selection of Early Movie Magazines Many With Top Stars on Covers Including…Bob Hope, Susan Hayward, Ingrid Bergman, Liz Taylor, June Haver, Janet Leigh, Shirley Temple, Katherine Hepburn, Frank Sinatra and Many Others. Other Items To Include Original Premium Hollywood Stars Photographs, Excellent Lon Chaney Sr. Premium Photo, Monster Cards, RARE 1917 Charlie Chaplin Postcard, Motion Picture Flyers, Old Lobby Card Photographs and many more.

PAPER & EPHEMERA TO INCLUDE…Several Lots of RARE Early Dime Novels, Rare Madonna Sex Book, Night of the Living Dead Film book, Early 1900’s Wehman’s Booklets, Hopalong Cassidy Savings Club Premium Card, Rare Tom Mix Ralston Premium Photo, Kennedy Magazines, RARE 1930’s Fight Communism Window Poster plus many more!

Browse the catalog, prebid and join us live online via Proxibid.com/backtothepast

Watch this space and our Twitter and Facebook feeds for updates on more online only auction sessions coming over the next several weeks!

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