Golden Age Comics Collection Surfaces at Back to the Past!

Back to the Past collectibles guru Andy Cirinesi shows off a great golden age comics collection that just arrived in the shop this week. Watch for these books in one of our upcoming comics auctions!

Full text:

Check this out, look what we just picked up from a woman helping her aunt clean out the basement. They found this box of golden age comics.

Flash #42, Flash #39, Flash #37, Flash #35, Flash #31, Flash #27…

Look at the cover on that one! Flash #26, Flash #20…

Here’s a great Joker cover on Detective Comics.

Here’s the big one – the original Green Lantern #1! This woman had a Green Lantern #1 sitting in the basement. There’s only 48 of them listed on CGC census. Less than 50 copies of this book known to exist.

More Detective Comics Joker covers…

Wow, a Captain America #23 with a war-time Nazi cover! Here’s a guy with a hot swastika poker threatening the damsel in distress!

Batman #16 – the first appearance of Alfred!

Batman #13, then these All-Star Comics. What amazing covers these are.

All Star Comics #16, #13, #10, #9…

All Star Comics #12 – fantastic victory cover! “The Justice Society of America pursues victory for America and Democracy!” How great is that?

All Flash #9, All Flash #7, All Flash #6.

Isn’t that amazing, though? You never know what people have in their basement waiting to be discovered. It’s what keeps us on the hunt.

Watch for these and more great comics and pop culture collectibles coming up in another Back to the Past auction, soon!

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  1. Rob Otto says:

    Too awesome. I am a huge JSA fan, and just to see those issues of All-Star pop up was very cool. Can’t wait to see them in person! You always hear stories of “lost” collections getting discovered, but to have it happen so close to home is very cool. Good for you guys that this woman trusted you with her fantastic find.

    • The punchline is that the aunt was about to put them out in a garage sale for a buck or two a piece! They did substantially better than that by bringing them in. 😉

  2. Amazing that most of the Flash Comics…were Hawkman covers!

    An incredible find, to be sure.

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