Halloween at Back to the Past!

Come and join us for our Halloween celebration on Thursday, October 25th!  Starting at 5PM and continuing until 7PM (or tentatively later, if the party is still jumping), we’ve got a gourd full of Fall fun happening, including:

  • Face-painting for the kids
  • Classic monster movies up on the big screen
  • A $50.00 gift certificate for whoever shows up in the best costume
  • A brand-new quarter box collection goes out on the counters!
  • 25 to 50% off sale on back issues!
  • Free Halloween-Fest comic books for kids, while supplies last!
  • Andy, dressed up in a costume you won’t believe!
  • Pizza and refreshments will be served
  • Step into the Frankenstein movie and tell your friends IT’S ALIVE!!


  • Last, but not least, our next Back to the Past Collectible Magnet (#3 in the series) will be available, if you show up for the party in a costume!  The theme for this magnetic badge is “Jack O’Denny!”

Back to the Past Halloween Magnet - Jack O'Denny!

And this, just added!

Andy and Mike have both agreed upon their pick for the best movie to watch around Halloween. It’s one of the following 5 films:

Bride of Frankenstein
The Thing From Another World
Evil Dead 2

Give us your guess as to their best pick on the Facebook thread here and if you hit it, we’ll give you $10.00 in back issues FREE at the party on Thursday!


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C. Scott Lovejoy (@back2past) Scott may appear grouchy, but he's actually pretty cuddly and makes sure Back to the Past marches ever forward in the quest to bring you the best pop culture finds! Currently lurking somewhere around Crusader in the Stanton system.


  1. M. Lapham says:

    I don’t do Facebook, so I hope that this can count as my entry for the certificate.

    “Thing From Another World”

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