Haunted House By Ideal (1962)

This nifty little treasure came through the shop last week, so I took the chance to get some closeups!

“Haunted House” was a board game produced by Ideal in 1962, and gave four players a tour of a ghostly mansion full of traps and spooky surprises.  By modern standards, the fright factor is laughable, but the sculpting and presentation still make it a very interesting piece.

Haunted House Box Art

A closeup of the box art promises both THRILLS and CHILLS!

Haunted House Hooting Owl Die

In a clever twist, rather than using a set of dice or a typical spinner for randomizing board movement, Haunted House includes an owl spinner that hoots when the lever is pulled.

Hiding the Gem in Haunted House

The game winning gem goes into its hiding place so the game can begin.

Starting Position for Haunted House

Game pieces in their starting positions.

Haunted House Secret Door

The green player triggers a door with further instructions!

Haunted House Random Door Open

In another interesting twist, some of the doors have a slotted mechanism that only sometimes triggers them to open.  The player would enter the slot at the near edge and push their game piece forward to either pop the door open, or rotate the slot one notch, adding a random element to movement instructions.

Haunted House Instruction Sheet

For those without a GPS, here’s the full route through the Haunted House.

All in all, Haunted House is a relatively mediocre game, but gains cool points for how it looks and the interesting wrinkles Ideal came up with for board movement.  If you’re interested in looking over the full Haunted House photo gallery at much higher resolution, feel free to click through to our Facebook Gallery or our Haunted House gallery on Flickr.

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  1. Connie Liden says:

    Looking to buy the game complete with owl spinner and jewel. I saw one on Amazon that has the jewel but it doesn’t look like the owl spinner is not with it.

  2. Looking for a complete, good condition Ideal Haunted House Game with box.

  3. Looking for complete game

  4. Looking for complete game..

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