Hawk and Dove #1 in 30 Seconds

Short on reading time, this week? Let us fill you in on all the detailed nuance of Hawk and Dove #1 in only 30 seconds. Ready? GO!

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  1. Absofrickinglutely hilarious!

    And ironic, for my reaction was largely similar . . .

  2. Thanks for the Hawk & Dove recap. I obviously didn’t miss anything when I chose NOT to pick this number 1 up! Can I just say no? Yes, I can!

    And glad I did!

  3. Doug Zawisza says:

    So, so sad. . .

  4. Doug, my failing to pick up Hawk & Dove # 1? Or the sorry state of Hawk & Dove # 1?

  5. Doug Zawisza says:

    I demand to see a similar update for every issue of Hawk & Dove. . .

  6. Jordan LaFramboise says:

    Quite Literally, you just made Hawk & Dove the best of the new 52. I agree with Doug, you need to do this for every issue of Hawk & Dove. At least do the first story Arc.


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