How We’re Using Facebook and Twitter

We love social media!  So many new and exciting ways to communicate with our customers, keeping us in touch with your interests and keeping you in touch with what’s happening at the store.

Although we push updates through a couple of dozen networks, the primary two social media tools we are using are Facebook and Twitter, and we use them in slightly different (and faaaascinating) ways:

First up – Facebook!  

This is where the main “two-way conversation” is taking place.  If you “like” our Facebook page (at, then your Facebook news feed will keep you tuned into what’s happening!

We will post discussion topics, announce events (with signups), post photos, link to interesting blogs, news items and lots more – all designed so that you can sign up, comment, and give us your feedback.  We welcome your posts and commentary on pop culture happenings as well.

So, if you want to chat with us about what goes on in the store and get that full slice of Back to the Past personality, Facebook is the main place to be on the social web.

Next up – Twitter!

While Twitter can be used for bite-sized two-way conversations, we find the format a little too constrictive.  We do check our Twitter page pretty constantly, so we *can* respond to tweets, but we view it a little more like that scrolling ticker line at the bottom of the screen when you’re watching CNN.

Our Twitter feed will include links to announcements and a little commentary (like Facebook), but primarily you will see a constant stream of product updates.  When Scott puts another couple dozen figures out for sale, you’ll get a tweet.  When Pete posts his live auctions for the week, you’ll get a tweet. When Andy finds that one of a kind esoteric item, you’ll get a tweet.  You catching on?

So, following our Twitter account (at will get you INSTANT updates whenever something happens with product in the store.  If you want to be the first to know that six generation one Transformers just went out for sale – this is the place to watch.

Lastly – the newsletter!

The most significant announcements and product updates will boil down into our weekly newsletter.  If you don’t want to mess with any of those newfangled social media tools, we’ve still got you covered.  We’ll send you a once-a-week email with what you need to know.

If you haven’t yet signed up for the BTTP weekly email newsletter – you may do so here.

And there you have three great ways to keep in touch with Back to the Past on the web!  Use the ones that best suit your needs, or use all of them – we’re not picky.

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C. Scott Lovejoy (@back2past) Scott may appear grouchy, but he's actually pretty cuddly and makes sure Back to the Past marches ever forward in the quest to bring you the best pop culture finds! Currently lurking somewhere around Crusader in the Stanton system.

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