I WILL TELL YOU #83: Top 5 Greatest Suckiest Comics Ever

I Will Tell You #83:
Top 5 Greatest Suckiest Comics Ever

My mother, and just about everyone else’s, has said many times if you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all. And obviously, since I’ve been called a critic, I must not have listened. But the truth is, I learned, you can do both. You can find nice things to say about something even while mercilessly trashing it. For there is the kind of greatness that can only be found within the depths of something that is truly wretched, as anyone who’s repeatedly watched Plan 9 From Outer Space can attest. So, with that dichotomy in mind and the tomfoolery of April Fools’ Day still lingering, I will tell you:


[SlideDeck2 id=15783]


Two decades ago, Rob Liefeld probably hoped people would still be talking about his work twenty years later. And see, at least I am. History shows that only great art withstands the passage of time, so I’m happy to do my part and help preserve stellar works like the ones outlined above. My service to the comics industry is done for the week; I rest now.



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