March Comic Book Madness – Final 4 Update!

(UPDATED with latest bracket and how the teams are mapped! Watch the NCAA tournament on April 6th and root for your team in the Final 4!  Scan to the bottom of the post for updates.)

Here we go again, sports fans! Every March, aficionados of college hoop-ball lose their minds a little as they thrill to every successive rise and fall of the college basketball teams that enter the fray. Only one will win, and that’s the excitement of it.

But, we think: Why let sports fans have all the fun?

So, here comes our March Comic Book Madness event! We’re going to secretly map 32 of our favorite comic book teams to the third round roster of the 2013 NCAA Men’s Tournament, which kicks off March 21st. Then, we’ll track the wins and losses until we have a champion on April 8th!

You don’t need to know anything about basketball to play, simply pick your favorite comic book team from the special section of our comic subscriber checklist, which opens up on Sunday, March 17th. (Note: Team selection is now closed.)

Each week, we’ll publish the winners and losers and show the next bracket round so you can see how your team is doing!

  • Everyone who enters the contest will receive our custom-made March Comic Book Madness magnet (design photo to follow shortly)!
  • Everyone with a team that makes it into the Championship round on April 8th will get 5 bonus points on their customer loyalty card!
  • Everyone who picked the Championship winner will receive a $25.00 Back Issue Gift Certificate, and one name from that pool will be drawn to win an additional $50.00 on that certificate!

So, visit our comic subscriber’s page ( starting this Sunday and get your pick in.  With so many great reasons to play, you’d be mad not to!

Just so you can prepare yourself, here are your 32 March Comic Book Madness Teams, updated with their NCAA counterparts:

Justice League Louisville
Stormwatch Colorado State
Challengers of the Unknown Oregon
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles St. Louis
Watchmen Memphis
Legion of Superheroes Michigan State
Power Rangers Creighton
Fantastic Four Duke
X-Men Gonzaga
Thundercats Wichita State
Gen 13 Mississippi
Youngblood La Salle
Invaders Arizona
Cyberforce Harvard
Doom Patrol Iowa State
Green Lantern Corps Ohio State
Avengers Kansas
Aqua Teen Hunger Force North Carolina
Masters of the Universe VCU
Suicide Squad Michigan
Champions Minnesota
Teen Titans Florida
Agents of SHADE San Diego State
Defenders FGCU
Walking Dead Survivors Indiana
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Temple
WildCATS California
Guardians of the Galaxy Syracuse
Alpha Flight Butler
Thunderbolts Marquette
SHIELD Illinois
Transformers Miami

Final 4

Justice League vs. Thundercats and Suicide Squad vs. Guardians of the Galaxy in the Final 4!

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