My Golden Age: The Superior Crescendo

Spoilers ahead for Amazing Spider-Man #698-Amazing Spider-Man #700 and Superior Spider-Man #1.

So this is the grand finale, the crescendo of demise. This is the happy ending where the bad guy goes down and dies. – James Allen (Glasvegas)

Superior Spider-Man 1 Ryan Stegman Dan Slott

The first question out of a person’s mouth when they find out that I enjoy/collect comic books is often “So what’s the most expensive comic you own?” This is always met with an inside eye roll and an outside smile. I quickly mention Uncanny X-Men annual #17. This book can be found poly-bagged with a trading card in any comic shop dollar bin across the country. I mention this book while thinking that I have a near mint Giant  Size X-Men #1 in my collection, or almost an entire run X-Men from #1 through the present, not because I like being dismissive of the question, but because that’s the first comic I ever got, my gateway. The monetary value means nothing to me. I love the stories, I love the characters, I love the memories of growing up and finding heroes to believe in held between the covers of every book that I own. My comic book room is not a museum, it’s a library, to be shared, and enjoyed. You can’t put a price tag on joy, beliefs, hope and adventure.

The second question always comes just as quick. “So, who could win in a fight between Hulk and Superman?” and my answer has remained the same since the first moment I ever picked up a comic book. Peter Parker. The Amazing Spider-Man. At this very moment some of you are shaking your head, thinking, “what’s this guy on about… Peter Parker beating the Hulk, c’mon!?!” but honestly, it’s not about what canon says, or what the back of a trading card printed in 1993 says about a character’s power level that helps me measure the depth of my heroes willingness to fight to the end, to never give up. It’s all about heart.

I’ve watched in amusement, while the internet and news outlets collectively lost their minds over the “dying wish” story arc in Amazing Spider-Man #698 -#700 and who’s wearing the skin of Peter Parker and the new suit in Superior Spider-Man #1. Suddenly the old trope of “How do we get new readers into comics?” became obsolete, no one on the internet had EVER read a comic book before, a bunch of new people were freaking out that they had jumped on board right as Peter Parker was finally beaten by one of his oldest enemies! Well I never! Oh, wait, you mean there aren’t a bunch of brand new readers? You mean to tell me, that’s it’s just people complaining to complain? Judging something before they’ve even read/seen/heard it for themselves, or even how it ends? That’s ridiculous. Oh, it’s not?

Well, it’s ridiculous to me.

You see, I know Peter Parker can defeat anyone. Why? Because he’s Peter Parker. Peter Parker is Spider-Man; but he’s Peter Parker first.

Anyone could have my job. Or live in my house. Or love the same things I love. They aren’t me, though. They don’t have my memories and experiences pushing them in the directions that I want to go. There’d be endless possibilities sure, but you couldn’t live my life, no one can but me. Otto Octavius might be wearing the body of Peter Parker, swinging around thinking he’s being the best Spider-Man the world has ever seen, and he might have some successes. He’s no Peter Parker, though. Sure, Otto has his memories, but memories are filtered the way we want to see them. Otto might learn along the way about great power and responsibility, but he doesn’t feel it in his bones, it’s not in his core.

It could take six months, it could take a year, it could take two, but no matter how long it takes, prepare for a wonderful, exciting ride. Get ready for the greatest triumphant moment of Peter Parker’s life. Get ready for the battle Peter Parker is about to wage from the inside. The grand finale, Otto’s crescendo of demise, get ready for the happy ending where the bad guy goes down and dies. Cheer not for Spider-Man, but for Peter Parker. The underdog. It’s going to be spectacular. It’s going to be sensational. It’s going to be amazing.

It’s going to be superior.

– Sean Pigeon

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