New Batch of CGC Books Arrives!

The Back to the Past CGC graded selection continues to expand with these titles now in stock in the showroom, listed with their slabbed grades:

CGC Graded Comic BooksAmazing Spider-Man #135 9.0 (2nd Punisher)
Amazing Spider-Man #238 (1st Hobgoblin) 9.0 incomplete (tattoos missing)
Amazing Spider-Man #289 9.6
Amazing Spider-Man #294 9.4
Amazing Spider-Man #295 9.8
Amazing Spider-Man #298 9.6 (1st Todd McFarlane art)
Amazing Spider-Man #299 9.4
Amazing Spider-Man #300 8.5 (1st Venom)
Amazing Spider-Man #301 9.6
Avengers #28 6.0
Avengers Annual #10 9.4 (1st Rogue)
Batman #427 9.2 (Death in the Family)
Batman #428 9.2 (Death in the Family)
Batman #429 9.0 (Death in the Family)
Batman #442 9.2 (1st Tim Drake as Robin)
Dejah Thoris & the Green Men of Mars #1 Sketch Variant 9.8
Iron Man & Sub-Mariner #1 3.5
Secret Wars #8 9.4 (1st Black Costume Spider-Man)
Simpsons Comics A Go-Go TBP 9.8 (only known graded copy)
Superior Spider-Man #1 Deodato Variant 9.4
Tales of Suspense #63 6.5
X-Men #141 8.0

(Note that CGC comics are exempt from our general back issue sales promotions.)

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