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The New 52 Universe from DC Comics

Here’s a test of how long you’ve been a comics reader.  Did you buy any Marvel comics *off the rack* with this inhouse ad on the rear cover, or at least the pre-photoshopped version of it?  We thought the trade dress was uncannily appropriate for DC happenings of this year.

Apologies to Marvel for resurrecting such a painful memory, and of course the words and images used are trademarked and copyrighted per their respective owners.

Check out more DC New Universe house ads here!

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  1. I love what you’ve done, taking the old Marvel ad and turning it into a DC ad! I wonder if the DC relaunch (Don’t call it a reboot!) will last longer than the Marvel New Universe?

  2. You know, if you hadn’t mentioned the original ad, I probably would have been fooled into thinking this really WAS a DC ad. You see, I’m not only old enough to remember, I’m also old enough to forget things like that.

    I long kicked myself for buying into this whole “the New Universe is the world right outside your window” thing. Because we buy comics for entertainment, and all too often, these comics DID mimic what was going on outside my window, which was typically nothing.

  3. Shazam!

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