Not Really a Review of Uncanny X-Men #544

Sean Pigeon starts out on a review of the final issue of Uncanny X-Men, but ends up…someplace else. This is one of the rare instances where a video clip ends in spontaneous applause from our peanut gallery. Why so? Watch & find out!

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Sean Pigeon (@seanpidge) is our lead comics cheerleader, and is always good for a high five. Sean believes Cyclops was right! He can often be found offending people on Twitter and helping out the shop with auctions and events.


  1. Awesome! Nuff Said!

  2. What I find intriguing about your story is not so much that comics can have a positive real life impact (which I already buy into), but more that you grew up in a period that is so often maligned for the amount of substandard material produced. Yet, a book like Uncanny X-Men Annual #17, which is a long forgotten title for most readers, can act as a first book for a young reader who grows into an avid fan and student of the medium.

    Thanks for sharing your story, sir!

  3. Well said, Mr. Pigeon!

    As for the background, I LOVE that “Pryde of the X-Men” cartoon! That, to me, is the way an X-Men cartoon should be. It was visionary and fun. Heck, it even had an Australian Wolverine a full decade before Hugh Jackman ever thought about it.

  4. What a great story, thanks for sharing.

  5. Dan Halbany says:

    Very well done review. Someone has to have a first comic book in which they fall in love with the media. I fondly recall the Day of future past storyline. I have reread that countless times. It’s funny to think that back in 1970’s the X-men were about to be cancelled and then they introduced a whole new team and the rest is history.

  6. Tom Costello says:

    Damn…nice job. Much better then the comics in question in fact, which I dropped long ago except for occasional dips due to time travel, alternate timelines and other plot devices I detest. Still, such a good review that I am almost tempted to go back and suffer through some 90s X-Man dreck….almost. Brilliantly done.

  7. Sean Pigeon says:

    Thanks everybody for the nice responses, glad everyone enjoyed the “not really a review” review.

  8. You nailed why comics aren’t always just comics. Nice job, sir.

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