Poll! Which DC “New 52” Titles Will You Get?

Due to reading preference or economic pressures, we know not everybody is going to spring for all of DC’s #1 issues during September. Where will you draw the line and which books will you pick up? Fill out our anonymous survey and let us know! We’ll publish the results next week!

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  1. 52!

  2. I think my count was 16 or 17, depending on what the art looks like in a couple of the books. That will be the deciding factor. Though I’d like to keep it to only a dozen books, if I can. And it might work out that way after three issues or so.

    I don’t expect much, but I hope I’m plesantly surprised.

  3. 5. It could and would have been more but they took the Batman mantle away from Mr. Grayson. The only Bruce book I’ll be checking out is Scott Snyder’s Batman #1. We’ll see if he can make me care about Bruce.

    • I hope they will address Dick’s “demotion”, to some extent, in Nightwing.

      Can you imagine being the CEO to replace Steve Jobs at Apple? Let’s say you do a more than competent job, but, about a year later, Steve shows back up and says, “Thanks for keeping my seat warm. We’ve still got a nice gig for you as the director of marketing down the hall.”

      That’s a kick in the face, no matter how you slice it. So, how does Dick Grayson deal with being Bat numero uno one moment, and back to being “just” Nightwing, the next?

      The book teaser mentions Nightwing “embracing his destiny.” Bwa? If being Batman isn’t your destiny, being runner up sucks.

      If that’s not a topic under examination in the Nightwing title, then I decry “BS” in capital letters.

      • I’m assuming that in the New (DC) Universe that Bruce Wayne never died and Dick Grayson never became Batman.

        • That’s a fair point.

          I had understood that the Batman books are largely being “left alone” which I translated into everybody having full awareness of events of the past few years. We’ll see!

          • Seems to me like they dropped some hints about how this was going to be handled in the “Gates of Gotham” mini.

  4. Thanks DC! By relaunching, you have chased me away and I will now be saving ~$150 a month! I used to buy pretty much every major title and will now be buying nothing! Why? Because writers can’t figure out how to keep moving forward and feel the need to start over. Sounds like DC still can’t keep their titles going and can’t find real ways to go back to status quo. Thanks for invalidating everything I have been reading. It’s sad…my last DC book will be Flashpoint #5…in other words, not even a “real” story. Just remember, a “perfect jumping point” is also a “perfect jumping off” point. So sad.

  5. 48. All but Hawk & Dove, Omac, Frankenstein, and Static Shock.

    I just KNOW one of these will take off . . .

  6. 26 for me. Five of those are still “maybe,” though.

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