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We pride ourselves on being a full-service comic book store, featuring both new comic books and a huge selection of back issues, going all the way back to the Golden Age of comics.

Comic books at Back to the Past

We handle fresh collections almost every week, so our selection is on a constant rotation.

New Comics

The best comic books from your favorite publishers, like DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Image, Dark Horse, IDW and more.

New comics arrive every Wednesday, when we throw the doors open at 9:30am and brace for the incoming masses of comic fans.

This place keeps getting bigger and better. I have been shopping with them close to the very beginning. They’ve grown from a walk-in closet with a few boxes of comics to a comic book and pop culture warehouse. The staff is friendly, and they take the time to know your name and talk to you like you’re their friend and not a wad of cash.

John R., Farmington, MI

Comic Book Pull Service

 Readers can always shop off the rack, but we highly recommend using our nifty comic book checklist / pull service. The checklist updates each week after Noon on Sunday.

You can always access the weekly checklist using the button above (also in the sidebar) or bookmark

Trade Paperbacks

Compiling several comic book issues into one volume, trade paperbacks are an economical choice for great reading. Get the whole story without tracking down all those pesky back issues. Ask us for a reading suggestion!

Select Vintage Back Issues

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For the discriminating back issue hunter, we offer a selection of high grade key books. We constantly rotate the best DC and Marvel classics (as well as other publishers) from the Golden Age through the Bronze Age through our showcase, as well as through our auction events.

General Back Issues

The meat & potatoes of any great comic book shop! Our back issue bins are full of your favorite titles, from superhero to other genres. Prices range between $2 and $10, depending on the title and particular issue.

Mike and Dennis make sure that hundreds of fresh titles flow into the back issue bins, every week. If you’d like to keep up on what titles are getting filed, you can subscribe to our newsletter to get the weekly update.

Dollar & Clearance Back Issues

Some great reading falls through the cracks of guide value, and not every book can race up the sales charts. For these reasons, we offer our dollar back issue bins! If it looks interesting, take a chance on it, it’s only a buck!

Clearance Comic Books are available from time to time as we need to make space! Comics on clearance are $10 for 20, or $1 each.

Our Comic Book Sets Sales Event draws a massive crowd.

Our Comic Book Sets Sales Event draws a massive crowd.


What good is the world’s best collection, if it erodes from the savages of time? Protect that investment with our archival supplies!

We carry both economical standard grade and high grade mylar sleeves, comic and magazine storage boxes, trading card storage, Riker mount boxes, and more. Need a specialty sleeve or box? Just let us know!

Comic Book Slabbing

CGC logoAs a CGC Authorized Member Dealer, we’ll help you get your comics “slabbed.” This is a process by which a comic book is given an official numerical grade by the professionals at Certified Guaranty Company and sealed inside a case.

CGCing a book can be expensive and takes quite a while to get processed, but in many cases it can help the value of an investment book. Ask us how it works and when it should best be used!

Collection Appraisal and Acquisition

If you’re not sure how much it’s worth and whether we’d be interested in buying it, just bring it by (for small collections or single items) or contact us for an appointment and we’ll come to you!

Assorted comic books

Previews Preorders

Each month, a new issue of Previews comes out, letting you know the items that are going to be shipping in two months. From comic books to games, t-shirts and DVDs, if it’s geek chic, it’s in Previews!

NOTE: This is especially good for small press titles you like that we don’t necessarily order a lot of for the rack.

Special Orders

Most special requests are only 3 days away. If you don’t see it, just ask us if we can get it and we’ll tell you “Ok, I’ll go check!” We’ve got the best special order team in town, and we’ll ship!

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