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Jack "The King" KirbyTuesday August 28th would be the late Jack “the King” Kirby’s ninety-fifth birthday. In celebration of everything this legend has given us, it’s time we do our part in sharing all of his wonderful creations with others by taking part in the 3rd annual “Read Comics in Public” day.

Why, not that long ago, comics were looked down on, shrugged off as something that only children read. Now, comic books have taken over the mainstream, the biggest movies are based on characters we’ve all known and loved for years. While some of us are on the inside and have been fully aware for years of the wonderful and exciting stories contained in these “funny books,” most people, sadly, are not. That’s the point of “Read Comics in Public Day”, the greatest hobby (reading and loving comic books) known to man is sometimes a very closed off private hobby. It’s not like sports where you can share in the camaraderie with a big group of people. Let’s be honest, most of us sneak into our local shop on Wednesday like twitching addicts getting our fix barely making eye contact before we head home and dive into our stash.  Many times I’ve been headed out of the shop and noticed more than one person reading comics in their car, they can’t even wait to get home!  That’s dedication.

So Tuesday the 28th is the day to share! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to read comics in public. Let your geek flag fly, let people know that if they liked the Avengers, the Amazing Spider-Man, or the Dark Knight Rises films this year, that they can get the excitement every week at their local comic shop!

We know that you would probably do this out of your sheer unbridled joy of the medium, but a little incentive never hurt anybody. We want proof! Take a photo of yourself reading comics in public (the more interesting the spot, the better) and enter to win a $50 gift certificate good for anything at Back To The Past!


All you have to do is take a photo reading a comic you love in public and send it along to us either by uploading it to our Facebook page, or email it. (Deadline for receiving photos is Wednesday at Midnight.) We’ll be gathering them all together in a Facebook Gallery on the 30th, after which we’ll leave it up to you, our loving public.  We’ll invite you to LIKE your favorites, and whichever is the lead photo as of 10AM Tuesday, September 4th will be the winner and get announced in that day’s newsletter.

Trust me, getting a free $50 gift certificate for taking a picture of doing something you already love is no opportunity to pass up! I mean, seriously! Andy charges me just to stand at the counter on Wednesday, I have to pay him for the privilege of stepping foot in the store! So consider yourselves lucky true believers and go forth, get out there next Tuesday like the Jehovah’s Witnesses of comics and spread the good word! You’ll feel better, and you just might get your next fix for $50 cheaper. Just like Jack, you’ll be living like a “King”.

Get more information about the official “Read Comics in Public Day” right here.

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Sean Pigeon (@seanpidge) is our lead comics cheerleader, and is always good for a high five. Sean believes Cyclops was right! He can often be found offending people on Twitter and helping out the shop with auctions and events.

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