September 2013 Auction Schedule Featuring Coins, Comics and Collectibles

September 21st @12PM Noon Eastern – Gold and Silver Coins + Currency Auction

Both online and in our Redford, MI showroom!

US & Foreign Gold Coins to Include 1924 U.S. $20.00 Gold/Slabbed MS63, 1892-S U.S. $20.00 Gold, 1893 French 20 Franc Angel Gold Coin, 1945 Mexico 2 Peso Gold Slabbed MS63 plus more. Other Coins To Include Excellent Selection of U.S. Lg Cents Including 1802, 1821, 1822 and Others 1820’s-1850’s, 1922 Dollar Slabbed MS64,1937-D Buffalo/3 Legged Slabbed  F-12, 1807 Half Dollar Slabbed VF25, 1909 vdb cent Slabbed MS64 RB Plus Many Other Pre & Early Post 1900 Coins as Well. Paper Currency to Include Series 1923 Large $1.00 Silver Cert./Star Note, Plus Other Large Notes Including 1917 $2.00, 1914 $5.00, 1914 $20.00, 1923 $1.00, 1899 $1.00, 1917 $1.00, Plus a selection of Civil War Notes. 100+ Morgans including Carson Cities and more. 312 lots total.

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September 21st @6PM Eastern – Comic Books, Celebrity Autographs and Collectibles Auction

Both online and in our Redford, MI showroom!

100 lots of signed Hollywood and TV celebrities to include…Donna Douglas, James Garner, Kim Novak, Fess Parker, Lee Van Clief, Angie Dickenson, Bob Denver and many more from the continuing trip through the legendary Charles Devine autograph collection.

Comic Books to Include excellent selection of 100 Lots of Silver and Bronze Age Comics mostly Marvel and DC Superhero titles. Comic Book Ephemera To Include Original Artwork, Prints, great selection of Comic Hardcovers including many DC Archive Editions and Trades, Marvel Hardcovers, Books on The History of Comics and Other Artbooks plus much more! 300 lots total.

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September 22nd @6PM Eastern – ONLINE ONLY US & Foreign Coin Auction

Online only – the showroom will not be open for this session.

Outstanding short notice online-only coin auction to include 300+ lots of US Type Coins including Large Cents, Indian Cents, Tough Date Lincolns, Two and Three Cent Coins, Early Nickels and more U.S. stuff. Foreign coins to include a GREAT selection of Canadian rare Large Cents, Nickels, Dimes and Others. Other foreign to include Great Britain and other Type and Silver Coins.

Browse the catalog, prebid and join us in the showroom or live online via!

More Dates Incoming!

  • October 5th – Coins @ Noon and our Annual Halloween Collectibles Auction @ 6PM featuring Comic Books, Autographs and Paper Collectibles with a monster/horror theme!
  • October 19th – Coins featuring US Commemorative Gold & Silver @ Noon and Silver Age Comics, Original Art and Collectibles session @ 6PM.
  • November 9th – US & Foreign Military session @ Noon and a Spectacular Paper & Ephemera session @ 6PM
  • November 23rd – Coins @ Noon and Comics & Autographs @ 6PM.
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