Strange Times & Places: Justice League: Gods & Monsters Mini-Series

Gods and Monsters

Welcome back to Strange Times & Places, where in honor of sadly underperforming Justice League movie, we’re looking at another Justice League’s origin story: the Justice League: Gods & Monsters prequel mini-series.

How’s It Different?

This universe remains a Royale With Cheese. Batman is Kirk “Man-Bat” Langstrom (albeit with an origin reminiscent of Morbius), Superman is the son of Zod and Lara raised by migrant Mexican farm workers, and Wonder Woman is Bekka of the New Gods.

What’s The Story?

Reclusive scientist Dr. Jackson Alpert has created the next step in human evolution: the Forever People! These normal human beings turned physical gods, eternally youthful and incredibly powerful, pique the interest of Earth’s good-hearted but feared superhero community – after lifetimes alone on this world, perhaps Superman and Wonder Woman finally have equals.

The Forever People

But there are concerns – for all his talk of improving humanity, only the rich and powerful have the means to become one of Alpert’s Forever People. Superman asks Batman to investigate Alpert, even as he and Wonder Woman take up residence at Alpert’s Eternity Institute. The three will soon find that the doctor is not as benevolent as he seems…

Best of Differences

  • Why is there a formal Justice League on an Earth with only three superheroes? Because a bunch of nascent superhumans went out of control, were stopped the Trinity, and the U.S. government wanted to pretend they had the situation in hand going forward.
  • The narration for the series is provided by Lois Lane, who doesn’t factor directly into the plot but represents the people of the Gods & Monsters universe who don’t trust the Justice League.

    Superman vs. Imperiex

  • The series does a good job of contrasting the League’s different perspectives on their power: Wonder Woman is a descended goddess fleeing a war in the heavens, Superman is effectively a god raised in poverty, and Batman is normal man turned monster. This informs how they deal with the public, the Forever People, and each other.

Worst of Differences

  • It’s very strange that all of Alpert’s Forever People share the names of the New Gods of New Genesis. While it is true that he knew Wonder Woman years ago and could well have heard the names from her, it never gets remarked upon by her. Like, wouldn’t a bunch of humans taking the names of alien friends she hasn’t seen in decades be a red flag?


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