1971 King Kirby Portfolio or Kirby Unleashed

Welcome to this week's Fabulous Find, I hope you all are doing fine.  This week I've pulled out of the vault the "King" Kirby Portfolio, dated 1971.  This treasury size portfolio also goes by the name Kirby Unleashed.  Why the two names?  I'm not really sure.  As you can see from the cover reproduced below, it simply … [Read more...]

RETRO REVIEW: Planet of Vampires # 1

Hey ho folks!  This week it's time once again to dig into the independent comic section of my collection.  And I've come out with Planet of Vampires # 1, published by Atlas/Seaboard Comics and it has a February 1975 cover date.  As most of you know Atlas/Seaboard was Martin Goodman's response to Marvel Comics for … [Read more...]

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