Fabulous Find: Fantasy Illustrated # 3

Welcome, welcome one an all, to a new Fabulous Find, I hope you find it as fabulous as I.  This week I have pulled out a copy of Fantasy Illustrated # 3, cover dated winter 1964.  This early comic book fanzine was published by Bill Spicer.    First off, this was quite a professional fanzine for 1964.  It features … [Read more...]

Fabulous Find: Fantasy Illustrated # 1

My friends, it's time once again to bring forth a new, bright, and shiny Fabulous Find.  This week, I once again delve into the vault's fanzine section and have pulled out my copy of Fantasy Illustrated # 1, cover dated Winter 1963 - 1964.  I really love these old fanzines.  This one is published by early comic book … [Read more...]

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