RETRO REVIEW: Korak # 46

Welcome back RETRO REVIEW fans!  This week it's time to look at another DC Comic book, so I've ventured into deepest, darkest Africa and returned with Korak, Son Of Tarzan # 46.  Even though the issue is numbered 46, it is the first issue to be published by DC Comics.  The first forty-five (45) issues were published by … [Read more...]

Fabulous Find: 1972 Detroit Tri Con Program

While searching for something else to feature in this Fabulous Find column, I came across a forgotten program from a local Detroit convention I attended back in 1972.  It was called the Detroit Tri Con 1972 and it was a spin off from the Detroit Triple FanFare conventions held during the same period.  It was held at a … [Read more...]

History of John Carter of Mars from Edgar Rice Burroughs

Greg Turner turns the wayback clock to 1911 in this quick video recap of the history of Edgar Rice Burroughs' John Carter of Mars. Way before it was a movie, it was a pulp series and eventually a string of novels. Get the lowdown in this video! Full Text: Hi, Greg Turner here, from Back to the Past Pop Culture TV! … [Read more...]

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