Thanks for checking back in.  This week it's time for a new RETRO REVIEW, featuring a Marvel Comics book.  Drum roll please ... From 1979, it's Rom # 1, or if you prefer, Rom Spaceknight # 1, cover dated December 1979.  Before I get to the actual comic itself, maybe I should share a little backstory about Rom. Rom … [Read more...]

RETRO REVIEW: Superboy # 145

Bonjour, friends, fans and followers and anyone who has just stumbled upon my post.  It's once again time for a new RETRO REVIEW.  And this week it's time for the spotlight to shine on DC Comics.  So I've pulled out a rather strange example of changing the status quo on a book from the late nineteen-sixties, the comic … [Read more...]

RETRO REVIEW: Hulk # 181

Welcome back for a new RETRO REVIEW.  Anyone following the Back To The Past auctions know that last Saturday, December 13, 2014, we auctioned off a CGC graded, 9.8, Hulk # 181 for over Eighty-two hundred dollars.  So I decided I'd pull out my own copy of that issue and use it for this week's RETRO REVIEW.  My copy … [Read more...]

RETRO REVIEW: Gumby’s Winter Fun Special # 1

It's Friday, so It's time for a new RETRO REVIEW.  And I'm excited to bring you a fun comic book from the late, lamented publisher, Comico.  It's dated December 1988, per the indicia, and the comic in question is; Gumby's Winter Fun Special # 1.    The comic is written by Steve Purcell and the artwork is wonderfully … [Read more...]

Fabulous Find: 1975 Topps Marvel Stickers

Welcome, you've found your way to a new Fabulous Find and this week I've pulled out my collection of 1975 Topps Marvel Stickers.  This set wasn't the first Marvel card/sticker sets, but it was the first one I bought.  There was an earlier card set from Donruss that came out in 1966 and then the first sticker set was … [Read more...]

RETRO REVIEW: Leave It To Chance # 5

This week it's time for a new RETRO REVIEW, therefore I've pulled out one of my favorite, though short lived independent comic book series, Leave It To Chance, from Homage & Image Comics.  And for the purposes of the review, I've selected Leave It To Chance # 5, cover dated May 1997.  This is most recent RETRO … [Read more...]

Witzend Fanzines # 6 – 12

Welcome back to part two, in my two part, Fabulous Find column on the Witzend fanzines from Wally Wood and company! Though with issue # 6, Wally Wood is now only listed as the "illustrious founder" and the fanzine/prozine is now published by Ed Glasser and edited by Bill Pearson!  Witzend # 6 I've owned my copy of … [Read more...]

Byrds Preflyte Album

Greetings faithful followers!  And welcome to another edition of Fabulous Finds!  Something a little different this week, as my Fabulous Find overlaps with my love of vinyl records, along with my love of comic books!  It's the 1973 re-release of The Byrds' Preflyte album, or LP (short for long player for those not in … [Read more...]

Early Comic Reader Fanzines

Happy Friday everyone!  And to start off the weekend, I bring you a new Fabulous Find!  Number twenty-six if you're counting.  This week I've dug out some early Comic Reader fanzines from my collection.  I don't have a complete run but I do own each issue from number ninety (90) to the end of it's run with issue two … [Read more...]

1975 Marvel 7-11 Slurpee Cups

Quite a while ago I wrote about the 1973 D C Comics 7-11 Slurpee cups and I promised that I'd be back with the 1975 Marvel Comics 7-11 Slurpee cups. Well, here I am and it's time!  In 1975 I was in college and working in the college's bookstore to earn some extra bucks and I discovered that 7-11 was selling their … [Read more...]

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