Fabulous Find: Okefenokee Star # 6 fanzine

Today I'm looking at The Okefenokee Star, Volume 1, Number 6.  It is dated the summer of 1980.  It is published by Swamp Yankee Studios and it is edited by Bill Crouch, Jr.  And if you haven't figured it out yet, this fanzine is for fans of Walt Kelly's Pogo character, comic strips and comic books.  Walt's widow, Selby … [Read more...]

RETRO REVIEW: Plastic Man # 2

Okay, time for a new RETRO REVIEW, so I've dug out my copy of Plastic Man # 2, published by D C Comics, though they were known as National Comics back in the day, when this comic was published.  Oh yeah, for the record, the issue is cover dated; February 1967, but it would have been displayed on the comic book spinner … [Read more...]

RETRO REVIEW: Avengers # 201

It's RETRO REVIEW week folks, and this week I'm looking at Avengers # 201 from Marvel Comics.  It is cover dated November 1980, and features an unusual cover, pencilled by George Perez and inked by Terry Austin, featuring Jarvis, the Avengers' butler.  Take a gander: The comic actually has two separate stories … [Read more...]

RETRO REVIEW: Green Lantern # 16

Welcome back to a new RETRO REVIEW.  This week it's time to take a look at a comic from the DC Comics line of comic books.  Therefore, I've dug through some of my early favorites and come out with Green Lantern # 16, cover dated; October 1962.  And why is this one of my favorite issues?  Well, I guess foremost, it's … [Read more...]

RETRO REVIEW: What If # 10

Greetings and salutations, comic book fans!  This week it's time for a Marvel Comics based RETRO REVIEW.  And since Marvel fans are still talking about the introduction of a female Thor in today's comic books, I thought I'd talk about What If # 10, where the idea first raised it's head, or at least saw the light of … [Read more...]

Fabulous Find: Frantic # 1 October 1958

This week I'm going back, back, back, way back ... to 1958, for the first issue of Frantic! for my Fabulous Find.  It was published by Pierce Publishing Corporation out of New York City.  And it appears to be inspired by none other than MAD Magazine.  Mad started up in 1952 and Frantic appeared on the newsstands in the … [Read more...]

RETRO REVIEW: Spectacular Spider-Man # 1

Time for a new RETRO REVIEW, and this week it's The Spectacular Spider-Man # 1, from Marvel Comics, cover dated July 1968.  This is the black and white magazine issue that sold for 35 cents back in 1968, when regular comic books were still 12 cents a piece.  This is the only issue of this magazine series that was … [Read more...]

RETRO REVIEW: Fantastic Four # 252

Hello out there, where ever you might be in this wide and wondrous world!  It is once again time for a new RETRO REVIEW!  And this week it's time to dig into the Marvel Comics Universe, so after a little bit of thought, I've decided on Fantastic Four # 252, cover dated March 1983.  It's got a cool "turned sideways" … [Read more...]

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