RETRO REVIEW: DC Comics Legends # 1 – 6

Welcome back all, this week I'm once again going into the DC Comics annex of the comic book vault and I've pulled out the mini-series; Legends.  There were six (6) issues in this mini-series and this is the comic book/series that John Byrne made his DC debut.  These issues came out just before his Superman update hit … [Read more...]

RETRO REVIEW: Hulk Future Imperfect

For this week's RETRO REVIEW, I'm looking at the two issue series; The Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect that was published by Marvel Comics.  The first issue is dated December 1992 and the second issue is dated January 1993.  Or are they?  My copies were bought fresh off the comic book rack when they came out and are … [Read more...]

RETRO REVIEW: Avengers # 181 & 182

Hey there fans, friends and family, welcome back for a new RETRO REVIEW.  This week it's time to once again visit the Marvel Comics annex of the hidden underground comic book vault.  And I have emerged with two (2) comics in hand; Avengers # 181 & 182.  They are cover dated March 1978 and April 1978. Issue # 181 … [Read more...]

RETRO REVIEW: Avengers # 201

It's RETRO REVIEW week folks, and this week I'm looking at Avengers # 201 from Marvel Comics.  It is cover dated November 1980, and features an unusual cover, pencilled by George Perez and inked by Terry Austin, featuring Jarvis, the Avengers' butler.  Take a gander: The comic actually has two separate stories … [Read more...]

Fabulous Find: 1981 Pretty Girl Sketchbook

Since this week is a Holiday week, I thought I'd make it easy on myself and present a Fabulous Find that didn't require a lot of writing on my part and I stumbled upon the perfect find while filing away something else entirely. It's the 1981 Pretty Girl Sketchbook published, as a one-shot, from Paisley Publications. I … [Read more...]

RETRO REVIEW: Showcase # 100

This week it's time for another DC Comics RETRO REVIEW.  The comic in question is; Showcase # 100, cover dated May 1978.  It features a cover drawn by Joe Staton (pencils) and Dick Giordano (inks) and it proclaims the this "awesome Anniversary edition" showcases (yes, pun intended) "sixty (60) super-stars in a story it … [Read more...]

RETRO REVIEW: Demon Hunter # 1

Welcome back to another Retro Review!  This week I've brought up from the comic book vault; Demon Hunter # 1, from  Atlas/Seaboard Comics.  It's actually the one and only issue published, as the second issue never saw the light of day, as Atlas Comics collapsed only months after this first issue was published!  But … [Read more...]

The Heroine Addict Fanzine

This week I've decided to write about the fanzine, The Heroine Addict.  This fine fanzine, dedicated to Super-Heroines, was published beginning in September 1974, and ran till it’s final issue, #11, in the summer of 1977.  Actually it then became Heroines Showcase, but I’ll leave those issues for another edition of … [Read more...]

RETRO REVIEW: Crimson Plague # 1 & 2

And now, for something completely different, yet the same.  Welcome to another Friday RETRO REVIEW, as always, brought to you by Greg Turner.  This week I'm looking at the two issue run of Crimson Plague, created, written and drawn by the fabulous George Perez and published by Image Comics.  These comics show a cover … [Read more...]

RETRO REVIEW: Avengers # 170 & 171

The wait is over, Marvel Comics' The Avengers has finally made it to the theaters today, May 3, 2012!  And to go along with our month long celebration  of all thing Avengers, I present this week's RETRO REVIEW on Avengers # 170 & 171.  These comics were cover dated April 1978 and May 1978.  Number 170 features a … [Read more...]

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