Happy New Year!

I know I'm a couple of days early, but I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year before the year is over.  2017 has been a tough year on a lot of people, both physically and mentally, but we've manged to survive and get through it! Here's to the new year, and I hope that 2018 is much better than 2017. Stay warm … [Read more...]

Top Ten Moments of 2013

I Will Tell You #91: Top Ten Moments of 2013 Let's be perfectly clear about one thing, before you go any further: this column is the latest and yet another best-of-2013 list, but being a somewhat personal one, I can at least say that you haven't read a list like this anywhere else on the internet. In thinking … [Read more...]

I WILL TELL YOU #70: The Year That Didn’t Suck

I Will Tell You #70: The Year That Didn’t Suck Ever have one of those days that sucked so bad it was too depressing even for a country song? You know, one of those stereotypical girl-left-me, dog-ran-away, front-porch-toilet-is-clogged-again type songs. Of course you have. We all have. If I may, I will tell you … [Read more...]

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