Strange Times & Places: ST:TNG: Mirror Broken

Welcome back to Strange Times & Places, where today we’re taking a visit to the 24th century AND an alternate reality in Star Trek: The Next Generation: Mirror Broken. How’s It Different? I’d say that it’s a Royale With Cheese. The Mirror Universe canonically diverged from the mainstream Trek Universe … [Read more...]

1 out of 5 – Would Recommend: Sgt. Savage & His Screaming Eagles

Welcome back to 1 out of 5 – Would Recommend, where lately I’ve been really into IDW’s Hasbro Heroes Universe. I’ve been fascinated by the way it uses the metaphorical whole buffalo, and as a result we’re watching 1994’s Sgt. Savage & His Screaming Eagles today! What’s The Plot? Back in 1944, Sargent Robert … [Read more...]

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