Fabulous Find: 1966 Marvel Donruss Card Set

Welcome back true believers. This week it's time for a new Fabulous Find.  And since I've just recently completed my set of the 1966 Marvel Donruss Super Heroes card set, I thought that this would be the perfect time to shine the spotlight on them. This set of cards is the very first set of Marvel cards that were ever … [Read more...]

Top 5 Comic Characters Who Should Be Thankful

I Will Tell You #99: Top 5 Comic Characters Who Should Be Thankful   Anyone who knows me personally, or has at least read some of my past columns over the years, has often heard me say, "You don't have to be good if you're lucky," frequently amended with another statement, "You don't have to be lucky if … [Read more...]

RETRO REVIEW: Iron Man # 10 & 11

This week's RETRO REVIEW looks at Iron Man #s 10 & 11 from Marvel Comics.  They are cover dated; February and March 1968.  Issue number ten (10) sports a cover drawn by George Tuska and inked by Frank Giacoia.  And here it is: Iron Man # 10 The issue is entitled; "Once More ... The Mandarin!"  It's written by … [Read more...]

RETRO REVIEW: Avengers # 170 & 171

The wait is over, Marvel Comics' The Avengers has finally made it to the theaters today, May 3, 2012!  And to go along with our month long celebration  of all thing Avengers, I present this week's RETRO REVIEW on Avengers # 170 & 171.  These comics were cover dated April 1978 and May 1978.  Number 170 features a … [Read more...]

The Avengers Movie Finally Arrives in Theatres!

Jim Johnson thinks there has never been a better time to be an Avengers fan, and he'll show you why in this video segment featuring the Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Nick Fury and more as they assemble the Avengers on the big screen for the first time! Full Text: JJ here, Back to the … [Read more...]

I WILL TELL YOU #62: Top 5 Reasons Why The Avengers Are So Cool

Top 5 Reasons Why The Avengers Are So Cool The Avengers are so cool, in fact, that I will tell you why with no lead-in whatsoever. 5. Comics’ Mightiest Creators Sure, Fantastic Four had Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, and Uncanny X-Men had Chris Claremont and John Byrne. But The Avengers had all of those guys too, at one … [Read more...]

Retro Review: Tales of Suspense 57 Featuring Hawkeye and Black Widow!

Greg Turner sets his wayback gaze upon the first appearance of Hawkeye in Tales of Suspense #57 from Marvel Comics, featuring Iron Man and the Black Widow. Full Text: This week I’ve dug into my collection and come out with Tales of Suspense # 57, from Marvel Comics. It is cover dated September 1964 and features The … [Read more...]

I Will Tell You: Great Iron Man Stories!

Jim Johnson reviews a few of his favorite Iron Man stories (this week's spotlighted Avenger). There's been a few missteps along the way, but these tales of Tony Stark make up for it! Full Text: JJ here, Back to the Past Pop Culture TV, and this week, in anticipation of the upcoming Avengers movie, I’m going to look … [Read more...]

Retro Review: Iron Man #150

Have you checked out this classic double sized issue of Iron Man? Greg Turner revisits the tale of Iron Man vs. Doctor Doom in Camelot from Iron Man #150 in this video retro review! Full Text: Welcome to the video version of Retro Review. I’m Greg Turner with Back to the Past Pop Culture TV and today I’d like to … [Read more...]

I WILL TELL YOU #57: Iron Man – Finally, Some Respect

Iron Man: Finally Some Respect No comic book character deserves to be a hero more than Iron Man. And I don’t mean a superhero; he’s already been filling that roll for nearly fifty years. No, I mean a pop culture hero; one whose likeness can adorn a tee-shirt or lunchbox or toothbrush and look right at home at the … [Read more...]

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