Thanks for checking back in.  This week it's time for a new RETRO REVIEW, featuring a Marvel Comics book.  Drum roll please ... From 1979, it's Rom # 1, or if you prefer, Rom Spaceknight # 1, cover dated December 1979.  Before I get to the actual comic itself, maybe I should share a little backstory about Rom. Rom … [Read more...]

Retro Review: Marvel Two-In-One Annual # 2

Okay, I decided to be nice and not make everyone wait for two weeks, for the second half, of this continued RETRO REVIEW.  For those looking for my regularly scheduled Fabulous Find column, well, check back next week, as I've pushed it back so that I can offer up this column instead. So without further ado, I offer … [Read more...]

Retro Review: Avenger Annual # 7

Welcome back!  For this week's RETRO REVIEW, it's time to pull out a comic book from the Marvel Comics vault!  So what am I feeling this week?  How about an Avengers book, featuring our heroes battling the villain, Thanos?  Sounds good to me, or should that be sounds bad?  Anyway, this week's book is Avengers King-Size … [Read more...]

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