RETRO REVIEW: Flash #131

Greeting friends, family and followers, it'a time yet again for a new RETRO REVIEW, and this week I've pulled out one of my first reviews from way back in 2010; The Flash #131, cover dated September 1962. It's been such a busy week, I've not had time to do a new review, so I went back to a time when most of you … [Read more...]

RETRO REVIEW: Flash # 155

Time to delve into the DC Comics section of my comic vault.  After digging around for a while, you know what happens when you start searching around in your comics, you end up reading a few dozen, but eventually I selected Flash # 155 from the vast array of comics for this week's RETRO REVIEW. And without further … [Read more...]

RETRO REVIEW: Green Lantern # 16

Welcome back to a new RETRO REVIEW.  This week it's time to take a look at a comic from the DC Comics line of comic books.  Therefore, I've dug through some of my early favorites and come out with Green Lantern # 16, cover dated; October 1962.  And why is this one of my favorite issues?  Well, I guess foremost, it's … [Read more...]

Fabulous Find: Alter Ego # 5

Yes, indeed, it's time for a new Fabulous Find and this week I've uncovered a copy of the early sixties fanzine, Alter Ego # 5.  It was published sometime during the winter of 1962 - 1963, per the indicia on page two, but it likely went out to comic fans sometime in early 1963. This historic fanzine was created by … [Read more...]

Retro Review: Green Lantern # 40

Howdy campers!  For this week's RETRO REVIEW, I've visited the D C Comics annex of my extensive collection and brought to light Green Lantern # 40, cover dated October 1965!  This comic features the first Silver Age team up of the Silver Age (SA) Green Lantern, Hal Jordan and the Golden Age (GA) Green Lantern, Alan … [Read more...]

RETRO REVIEW: The Flash # 106

Hey kids, and those of us who refuse to give up the kid still inside of us, welcome back for another RETRO REVIEW.  This week I'm going way back, to look at D C Comics' Flash # 106, cover dated May 1959.  The comic actually has two stories and it's the second one that gets the cover nod, showing the Flash facing off … [Read more...]

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