Fabulous Find: Lennon The New York Years

For this week's Fabulous Find, I thought I'd do something just a little different.  Rather than an old collectible from my collection, I thought I'd share a recent purchase that I have added.  It is; Lennon The New York Years, a graphic novel published by IDW Publishing, the first printing dated May 2017. The book … [Read more...]

RETRO REVIEW: Captain America & the Falcon # 143

Once again the week rolls around to the weekend and it's time for another RETRO REVIEW!  This week I've gone back to 1971 and Captain America and the Falcon # 143 from Marvel Comics!  The issue is cover dated; November 1971, and technically the book is actually Captain America # 143, per the indicia, but the cover … [Read more...]

1964 Beatles Collectibles

Hi everyone and welcome to another Fabulous Find!  This week, in honor of The Beatles first American television appearance, fifty years ago this week, on the Ed Sullivan show, I thought I'd share a couple of my Beatles collectibles for you viewing pleasure!  And I might even link to a Beatles YouTube video if I … [Read more...]

RETRO REVIEW: The Fifth Beatle

Happy New Year everyone!  I'm back with a new RETRO REVIEW!  And it's a little different this time.  What's that?  Well, my review isn't really a comic book and it's not that retro (i.e. old)!  But I still feel it qualifies, so there!  I first discovered this book, or if you'd rather call it a graphic novel, then so be … [Read more...]

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