Strange Times & Places: The Golden Age

Welcome back to Strange Times & Places, where we’ll be taking two weeks to examine two DC Comics stories that tackle similar themes with similar characters while being very different tales. First up is 1993’s The Golden Age! How’s It Different? Hmmm….I’d say Royale With Cheese, though honestly it barely … [Read more...]

RETRO REVIEW: Justice League of America # 22

Welcome back, for the second part of a rare, two part RETRO REVIEW.  Last week I looked and wrote about Justice League of America # 21, cover dated August, 1963 and this week I'll be featuring the next comic book in the series, Justice League of America # 22, cover dated September 1963, which has the conclusion of the … [Read more...]

RETRO REVIEW: Justice League of America # 21

I've been featuring Marvel Comics for the last two months in my RETRO REVIEWs, so I thought I'd switch over to DC Comics, for a couple of columns, if that's okay with you, my readers.  So this week I've have pulled from the comics vault my copy of Justice League of America # 21.  Then next week, I'll forgo the next … [Read more...]

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