Fabulous Find: Twisted ToyFare Theatre Vol 1

Greetings all, it's time for a new Fabulous Find.  And this week I thought I'd bring to light something a little newer than I usually feature.  So from 2003, I bring you ... Twisted ToyFare Theatre Volume 1, published by Gareb Shamus Enterprises, Inc., doing business as, Wizard Entertainment.  Yep, that's right, … [Read more...]

Retro Review: Micronauts #s 1 & 2

Howdy friends and neighbors!  I'm back with a new RETRO REVIEW this week.  I've dug out Marvel Comics' Micronauts #s 1 & 2, cover dated; January 1979 and February 1979.  This comic book was based on an actual toy line by Mego Corporation.  So, like the question; which came first, the chicken or the egg?  In this … [Read more...]

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