RETRO REVIEW: Amazing Spider-Man King-Size Special #4

Greetings and salutations, it's time for a new RETRO REVIEW.  And this week I've pulled out the Amazing Spider-Man King-Size Special #4, cover dated November 1967, from Marvel Comics.  The story is entitled; "The Web And The Flame" and it is written by Stan Lee, with the pencils supplied by his brother, Larry Lieber … [Read more...]

Fabulous Find: Amazing World of DC Comics # 15

Welcome back to this week's column/blog.  I guess Chris and I are on the same wavelength, as he wrote about Wonder Woman in his column this week and I'll be doing something similar today.  For this week's Fabulous Find I have dug around in the first box of fanzines I came across and pulled out Amazing World of DC … [Read more...]

Fabulous Find: 1974 Marvel Treasury Special, Giant Superhero Holiday Grab-Bag

Well, that just might be the longest title to a Fabulous Find or a RETRO REVIEW in the history of my posts.  But since this post will appear just a day before Christmas Eve and two days prior to Christmas Day, it seems appropriate to share a Holiday themed find.  So here ya go ... The 1974 Marvel Treasury Special, … [Read more...]

Fabulous Find: Marvel Mead Folders

Welcome back my friends to the fun that never ends (with apologies to Emerson, Lake & Palmer for twisting their song lyric).  It's time once again for a new Fabulous Find and this week I've dug in a deep, dark corner of my vast collectibles vault for something a little different.  And what did I come up with, you … [Read more...]

RETRO REVIEW: Marvel Super-Heroes # 18

Welcome back everyone!  It's time for another RETRO REVIEW!  Normally this week I'd be looking at a D C Comic book, but since today is the official opening of Marvel Comics' Guardians Of The Galaxy movie, I thought you'd forgive me if I stick with Marvel for this week and return to the rotation and a DC comic in two … [Read more...]

RETRO REVIEW: Fantastic Four Annual # 3

Face Front Fans!  It's time for another RETRO REVIEW.  And this week I'm looking at the Fantastic Four Special King Size Annual # 3, from the summer of 1965!  And yes, it really says that on the cover, see for yourself: It also boldly proclaimed that it contained "72 Big Pages", but only 23 of them were new … [Read more...]

RETRO REVIEW: Amazing Spider-Man # 50

This week the RETRO REVIEW is back from vacation and looking at The Amazing Spider-Man # 50, from Marvel Comics, cover dated July 1967.  The story is written by Stan Lee, with the pencils by John Romita Sr., with inks provided by Mike Esposito, under the name of Mickey Dimeo.  It features a classic cover drawn by the … [Read more...]

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